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Digital Marketing Roundup – December 2017

Monthly Round Up, Organic Search (SEO)

This month, myself and my wife Harriet received the best (early) Christmas present a couple could ask for. Welcoming our firstborn – our beautiful son, Henry William Rudman Hawkins into the world has so far proved a game (and a life!) changer. But business hasn’t been given the backseat…I’m still here, on my emails and keeping up-to-date with all things SEO. The difference is, for the time being I’m doing it between feeds and nappy changes. And I love it!

So, what’s been happening outside of my personal life – and in the wider world of SEO marketing – lately? Here’s our monthly digital roundup post, which gives you the full scoop in easy-to-manage chunks. There’s nine subject matters to take in, broken down into small snippets, to help you dip in and out of the info you feel is useful. Read on…

Want to rank in Google? Here’s How…

Anyone who wants to get ahead in business probably wants to know the answer to that age-old question: ‘how do you rank in Google?’ Well, we’re alerting you to this interesting infographic via The Website Group. It was put in front of us by Ellie at the site and we think you’ll find it helpful.

How does local SEO fit in with what you’re already doing? Find Out…

We’re pointing you in the direction of one of Moz.com’s latest blogs. Published a few short days ago, it details why local SEO is important, even if you don’t necessarily think of yourself as a local SEO expert. Via a handy chart, the folks behind Moz have plotted how local SEO actually complements what you’ve already been doing – just click the link above to discover more.

Make More of Your Blog this Month

If you’d like to make it your business to make more of your blog this December, this piece should help you no end. It’s been compiled by the Search Engine and guys and it offers eight simple ways you can utilise your blog to improve your SEO results. Creating a compelling blog name is the first hurdle, so make sure you think this one through – and just head over to the piece for more tips where that one came from. If you’re looking for more like this, the HubSpot blog offers a similarly useful piece over here.

What’s Hot in 2018?

2017 might not be over just yet, but SEO experts like myself are now looking to what the New Year has in store for small to medium-sized businesses. Thankfully, this article on the SEO.com site will provide loads of useful information. ‘SEO Trends to Look For in 2018’ focuses on how Google’s ever-changing algorithm may affect you and your business – click the link for all the details.

Perform an SEO Audit, Thanks to Yoast

The first step to an improved ranking via search engines is to perform an SEO audit – and Yoast has a step-by-step, three-blog guide to help you. Here’s piece number one, to get you started. It looks at content SEO and UX, and offers some great insight for anyone wanting to improve the way they do things as the New Year comes into view.

What Does GDPR Mean for You?

The word (or rather, acronym) on people’s lips now is GDPR. How will it affect your business, and what is it exactly? Branded3 has all the answers in one of its more recent blogs; take a look over here to swot up. This particular blog outlines the impact on cookies and tracking – make sure you check it out.

What are the key trends in technical SEO?

Search Engine Watch is a hub of SEO-related info – and the last couple of weeks have been no exception. If you’re looking for the key trends in technical SEO, particularly as we get ready to enter a new year, you can do worse than head here and read this.

What do Google’s longer snippets mean for SEO?

We’re heading back over to the Moz.com site, as it’s absolutely jam-packed with great info and we didn’t want to sign off this month’s roundup post without sending more your way. In his latest ‘Whiteboard Friday’ instalment, Rand Fishkin talks about Google’s longer snippets and how they might affect your business. Basically, says Rand, “Snippets and meta descriptions have brand-new character limits, and it’s a big change for Google and SEOs alike.” In his post, you can learn more about ‘what’s new, when it changed, and what it all means for SEO’.


What’s trending in SEO? You can find out over on the PixelKicks blog, since their roundup has now been published. Alongside fellow search engine experts, I’ve offered my views on the subject – and here’s a snippet: “I foresee self-learning becoming much more mainstream in 2018, especially among small business owners who increasingly realise they cannot afford to pay marketing agencies to manage their online campaigns.” Discover more by clicking the link above.

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