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Digital Marketing Roundup – February 2017

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So, have you got over the work-related chaos that was January yet? There’s something about the start of a new year which makes everyone sit up and take notice of their competitors. It’s a sure-fire way to stay on the ball and keep improving your own sales strategies. And with that, of course, we’ve received a raft of new business enquiries here at The Evergreen Agency, with plenty of brands wanting a website refresh.

January’s the ideal time to give your website the update it deserves, after all. And there are so many ways in which you can do so. So, we’re here again this month with our usual roundup of SEO news and views – and there are some great articles and guides to link out to, as ever.

If you keep an eye on our marketing roundups, you’ll know that they’re generally split into three handy sections: ‘Increase Visibility’, ‘Engage & Excite’, and ‘Let’s Get Technical’ – and this month’s instalment is no different. Let’s get going then; there’s plenty to talk about…

Increase Visibility

Of course, SEO – when done well, at least – is about increasing the visibility of your site. That’s the end goal for most of our clients and it should be yours too.

With that in mind, then, we had to share with you this handy guide from the team over at Backlinko. Featuring ‘everything you need to know about video SEO’, the guide offers plenty of tips when it comes to seeing your videos rank on YouTube and Google.

That’s right; it isn’t as simple as littering your website with well-chosen keywords. Good SEO is a multiple-pronged approach and you should utilise every social media platform available to you to get the best out of your overall marketing efforts.

We all know Google loves video, so what better way to encourage new visitors over to your website than by getting in front of the camera to deliver your sales messages?

Compiled by Brian Dean, who says his first YouTube channel was ‘a complete disaster’, the guide features actionable tips you can put in place today. It’s about consistently uploading high quality videos, says Brian. But more than that; it’s about ensuring they’re optimised correctly.

Split into useful chapters, the guide is laid out in bitesize chunks to help you dip in and out of it a little easier.

Discover how to undertake relevant video keyword research, create awesome videos (of course!) – and a whole lot more. This is a mammoth guide and we doubt you’ll get through it – and put some of the tips into action – in one day. Set yourself a couple of days – or at the very least a few afternoons – to really give optimising your site or social media pages with well-thought-out video content. It could be the best thing you ever do for your business.

Increasing visibility is what it’s all about in the SEO game – and Andrew Purdum of Unveil the Web agrees with us on that one. He got in touch with us recently to tell us how much he enjoys our monthly roundup posts (cheers, Andrew!) and wanted to share his latest piece, which features a host of ways to increase your website traffic.

Analysing 21 highly effective ways to boost the visitors to your website, the article is well worth a read if your sales or enquiries could do with a nudge in the right direction.

Andrew tells us the piece has been doing well on the net – and was recently one of the top articles on the Business2Community, as well as being included in Triberr’s featured articles of the week. Make sure you check out Andrew’s piece and let us know what you reckon.

Meanwhile, over on the Moz site, Rand Fishkin shared 8 Predictions for SEO in 2017. While you’re brewing up, pop to the site and check out what Rand reckons will be big this year; there are some good suggestions here – as well as some things he predicted last year, which were spot on. The man knows his stuff.

Moving onto our Engage & Excite section of this monthly round up blog, then…

Engage & Excite

Staying on the Moz.com site for 10 minutes longer, this piece by Felicia Crawford is well worth a look.

When it comes to engaging with your customers, great content is key. So, take a leaf out of the Moz team’s book and see what did well in 2016 in terms of articles.

The piece organises the site’s top content by its metric score, unique visits, number of comments, and ‘thumbs up’, amongst other factors. Click the link above and discover more; it may just give you some ideas when it comes to your own site and its content.

Want to know how to go above and beyond with your content? Search Engine Land has you covered with this article. Going live at the end of last month, the piece looks at how you can propel yourself – and your brand – via great content.

In the piece, the blog’s author, Julie Joyce, gives some bullet-pointed tips to help make your content perform better – and almost immediately.

Photos play a big role, of course. As do videos – and we’ve talked about those at length a little higher up this article. You could also delve into the world of podcasts, says Julie. A sure-fire way of getting – and keeping! – the visitors you want – is simply to offer unique info. Consider how you might do that and you’re onto a winner.

Here’s another article in a similar vein: Why SEO Lousy Content Don’t Mix. Also on the Search Engine Land site, the piece says that while content will help your rankings in the long-run, the focus should still very much be on the content being good – and useful. Bear that in mind always – on your website and across your social media channels – and only post the stuff your customers will get a kick out of.

Before you go…

Let’s Get Technical

Don’t be put off by the title of this section of our monthly blog; even SEO newbies will be able to put a few of these tips into practice. Like this one…

Is your company’s blog on WordPress? Then you’ll want to check out this piece on five handy plug-ins you can use to ramp up your visitors. It comes via the Yoast site and it’s packed with useful information.

As the piece suggests: “Every WordPress website owner occasionally stumbles upon a problem that could probably be fixed in a heartbeat with a handy WordPress plugin.” So, head over to the site and see what you can do in mere minutes to ensure your site is that little bit more functional.

Do you keep up with the latest developments from Google? If not, you’ll definitely want to take a look at this piece from the people behind the HubSpot site. It looks at four simple and smart ways you can keep up with the search engine this year.

One such tip was this: ‘evolve your keyword targeting strategy’. Why? There are many new elements to Google’s search engine results pages and you’ll need to stay abreast of the changes if you’re to stand a chance of being discovered amongst a sea of competitors.

We rarely post our monthly roundup without mentioning Search Engine Watch, as it really is one of the best sites out there when it comes to sprucing up your SEO strategy.

Is your site speed letting you down, for example? If so, make sure you pop on over to the Search Engine Watch site to swat up on the advice here. According to the article, poor website performance is one of the most widespread problems online businesses face.

But it can be fixed; and a few easy-to-use tools will help you solve the problem quickly and effectively. The article does exactly what it says on the tin: helps you master your site speed without overwhelming you.

Elsewhere on the Search Engine Watch site was this informative guide to some of the top B2B content metrics. With a new year comes new metrics, says the piece. “Or maybe it’s just a good reminder that you need to evaluate your existing KPIs”.

So, which B2B content marketing metrics should you add in 2017? Now’s the ideal time to look at your content marketing strategy, says the team at Search Engine Watch – why not start right now, in fact?

Overhaul everything from your online marketing campaigns to your mobile ones and you could see a dramatic surge in website visitors in a matter of weeks. You should also ‘Question Every Part of Your Marketing Strategy in 2017’ – or so says this complementing piece on the site.

We hope our monthly round up has proved helpful to you; do not hesitate to contact us to let us know about your own content challenges or focuses for the month ahead, too. We’d love to know what you’re up against in February and beyond.

Until next time…

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