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Digital Marketing Roundup – February 2018

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January can seem a tough and gruelling month; after the Christmas break, it can be difficult to get back into the swing of things – and of course, it’s also the month we file another year of finances with the tax man.

With that in mind, February (very much like the start of the tax year, in April) can seem like a good chance to start afresh. Maybe it’s time to make those changes to your website that you’ve been putting off, or finally get to grips with social media management.

If broadening your SEO knowledge is top of your agenda this month, you’ll enjoy this: our latest digital marketing roundup. It includes eight handy links to articles you’ll find interesting (all of which were posted online over the last month or so), as well as a little bit of insight from me along the way. Read on…

Is ‘Dwell Time’ a ranking factor?

Did you know Google uses over 200 ranking factors to determine if a site should be bumped up the search engine? ‘Dwell Time’ is one of them – but what exactly is it? Over on the Arefs blog, you’ll find out. You’ll also discover how dwell time is measured and ‘how the heck you optimise for it’ – a really enlightening read; head over to the site to have a look, if you can.

Add this to Your Reading List…

Mountain of books you’d like to get through? Forget those for now and add this post from Search Engine Land to your reading list. It discusses Featured Snippets and some of the challenges Google faces surrounding said snippets.

In short, the search engine has published one of the most comprehensive explanations yet of featured snippets, and it may help answer some of your questions about how snippets work and what they can do for you.

“Writing for SEO is about simple formulas…”

…well, that’s according to SEO.com, in its latest article.

Click the link above to discover what the writer of the piece is referring to, as well as why it’s suggested that by changing your perspective you can do SEO a whole lot better.

“You need to see things from your customers’ point of view and, more importantly, you need to write the things that appeal to their viewpoint.”

We’ve been saying the very same for some time now here at The Evergreen Agency; it’s all about ‘adding value’ and ensuring your site offers the information prospective and existing customers need or want.

Want to branch out in 2019?

Sure, your business may be successful here in the UK – but what about elsewhere? If you’d like to branch out and become a ‘multi-lingual’ brand, then, you need to read this from Yoast.com. It’s all about their multi-lingual SEO training – and it sounds good.

20 SEO Myths to Leave Behind in 2018…

We bet the headline above has caught your attention? So, you’ll definitely want to head over to the HubSpot blog to find out more about a free eBook of the very same name. As we all know, SEO and its best practices are constantly evolving – and, says HubSpot, ‘keyword stuffing, link schemes, and so on’ are just some of the tactics people once used, but which aren’t necessarily the way to go now. Click the link above and learn more about how you can make the most of the right kind of SEO tips – and leave behind the ones which won’t benefit your business.

How to Get Google to Crawl and Index Your Website Fully…

The Hobo site has all the answers when it comes to the above subject – simply click this link for more. A thorough guide, which is broken down in handy headers, it’s ideal for anyone who wants to boost traffic to their site the organic way.

How is Google’s new ‘Questions and Answer’ feature being used?

Once again, Moz.com has come up trumps by way of great advice on all things Google. This piece is one to bookmark if you’re hoping to get to grips with the search engine’s new ‘Question and Answer’ feature; head over there now to swat up.

And Finally…

At the beginning of this roundup, we talked about seeing February as a chance to start afresh – so this article from Search Engine Watch will come in handy, since it’ll help you with that goal. Featuring plenty of good SEO habits, tips and tricks, it’ll see you through this month and beyond.

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Until next time…

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