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Digital Marketing Roundup – January 2018

Monthly Round Up, Organic Search (SEO)

Well, it certainly felt strange typing ‘2018’ just then – and it feels even stranger to say it, given that 2017 went so quickly.

But now the New Year’s here and I’m sure you’re as keen as we are to make the next 12 months better than the last.

So, what’s been going on in the online marketing arena of late? As ever, our digital roundup aims to inspire and motivate you to make changes to your online platforms for boosted web performance. Read on for eight highlights from the past month or so…

Optimise Your Google My Business Listing

Are you listed on Google My Business? If so, pop on over to Moz.com to see how you can optimise it to give yourself the best chance possible of being found online. Sherry Bonelli offers lots of advice about claiming – and maintaining – your profile on the platform. Click the link above and read more.

A Bumper SEO Tips and Tricks Post, Just for You

A belated Christmas present is coming your way, from The Evergreen Agency via the people at Yoast. They’ve put together this guide to their most-read blogs of 2017, which features links to loads of resources you’ll want to check out if you’ve made a promise to yourself to be more digitally-savvy this year.

Don’t Sell Out This Year…

Blog Tyrant teaches you how you can make money from your mailing list – and without selling out. It makes for an interesting read, and you can catch the full post here. The piece has been written with bloggers in mind, but we reckon a lot of the tips can be utilised by anyone who runs a small to medium-sized business.

Want to increase your blog traffic?

If you feel like you’re putting too much time into your blog and simply not reaping the rewards when it comes to traffic or hits, this post is for you. It comes via SEO.com and it shows you how the platform increased its blog traffic by 284%. Find out how you can do that too by clicking the link, above.

Set Smart Goals for SEO in 2018

Personal New Year’s resolutions aren’t always a good idea, since most of us only end up breaking them and feeling mad with ourselves. Business ones, though, are often just the ticket if your motivation for your brand suffered a little at the back end of last year. Search Engine Land has just the article for you, then. It’s this one and it teaches you exactly how you can set smart goals – in terms of SEO, at least – for your business in 2018. Get the kettle on and get stuck in; make sure you have a notebook to hand, as there are plenty of useful nuggets of information you’ll want to jot down.

Generate Links That Drive Traffic

We’re getting a little technical here. Well, Search Engine Land is. But head over to this piece and you’ll see just why getting your head around the ins and outs of links will benefit you – and your business. Learn how to generate links that drive traffic in 2018 and you’ll be more than glad you read this article.

Carry Out a Mobile Audit on Your Site

If you only do one thing in the next week or so, carry out a mobile SEO audit on your site. The fact is, more people are checking out your website on their phones than ever before, with PC or laptop browsing now often coming second to on-the-go searching. So, if you really want to stand out, you’ll want to ensure your site looks the part and works well when viewed on mobile devices. Search Engine Watch has all the details you need on the subject.

And Finally…

Want to futureproof your SEO in 2018? Look no further than this piece, also by the folks at Search Engine Watch. The article looks at some trends you can get on board with, now that the New Year is here; from voice search and digital assistants, to link-less link building, click the link above if you’d like to get ahead of your competitors. And don’t forget to contact us here at The Evergreen Agency if we can help you on a project or two.

Did you enjoy reading this post? Make sure you keep an eye on our blog for more of the very same. And whether you’ve already ‘got back to it’, or you’re heading back to the office on Monday, January 8, I wish you an extremely successful year in business.

Until next time…

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