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Digital Marketing Roundup – March 2018

Monthly Round Up, Organic Search (SEO)

Boom! …and, just like that; another month is here. If the onset of a new calendar month means the opportunity to assess your marketing efforts, you’ll be glad to find lots of information in our digital round-up from the last 28 days.

It’s packed with tips, hints and advice for promoting your website and ensuring it gets even more traffic over the next 31 days. As ever, our roundup is broken down into 10 or fewer, easily-digestible nuggets of info, so you can simply pick and choose the bits you think will benefit you. Read on…

Are you afraid of SEO?

I find it surprising that many people are afraid of SEO – or rather, the concept of it. But once you’ve got your head around what great search engine optimisation can achieve, you really will be more motivated to put the steps in place to a better optimised website. This article on SEO.com focuses on why people might be wary of search engine optimisation and how they might combat said worries. The main anxieties about SEO is that there’s no ‘magic formula’, and that effective SEO can take some time to get right. But if you remember that good things happen to those who wait, you’ll be more inclined to put some basic SEO tips into practice.

Are your keywords relevant – according to Google?

We always turn to Search Engine Land when we want to keep up with the latest SEO developments, since the site offers a wealth of information. This piece from the last month is well worth a look: An Easy Way to See if Google Thinks Your Webpages Are Google Relevant. The article starts by focusing on the fact that creating a webpage simply isn’t enough; click the link above to find out what else you need to do to get ahead.

Learn How to Deal with Fake Negative Reviews…

Who knew that fake negative reviews were a thing on Google? But they are – and the folks at Moz.com have put together this piece to help you deal with them. And the subsequent damage these reviews might do to your business if left online for too long. A growing problem for small business owners, fake reviews can be eradicated if you get good enough at tracking them and making a case for why the testimonials left by fake customers are against Google’s guidelines. An interesting topic and one which needs to be taken seriously. We love the Moz.com site, who published this blog (and many other informative guides like it) and we wanted to wish its founder Rand Fishkin all the best. Rand is moving on after many years at Moz – and The Evergreen Agency team will certainly miss his insightful posts and Whiteboard Friday videos.

Learn More About SEO Via My New Training Course

I’m giving those who are serious about learning more about SEO the chance to do so, via my dedicated training course. It focuses on the basics of SEO for businesses like yours and all the details can be found here. The cost is competitive, and Oxfordshire businesses can learn plenty about search engine optimisation without the usual jargon you can expect from courses like this. Hit the link above for more details.

Are keywords still relevant to SEO in 2018?

The above is a question being posed by the Search Engine Watch team over on its blog. We say ‘of course keywords are still relevant’, but head to the site to get a new take on the subject.

Give Your Site a Defined Structure with These Top Tips

In order to be more successful online, your site must have a clear enough structure. So that’s where this piece by Yoast comes in handy. If you’re struggling when it comes to setting up your site’s structure, the site has some training on offer via the link above. But you’ll also find some tips in the article itself, so make sure you head over to the site.

How to Write Blogs that Rank on Page One of Google

It’s the ultimate goal for many a business owner: write content that ranks on page one of search engines like Google. Thankfully, HubSpot has all the answers on the link to the left – do let us know if you try these tips out for yourself.

Get To Grips With Voice Search

The one and only Brian Dean has been up to his old tricks once again and produced a truly fascinating insight into voice search. A must read!

And if you’re ready to give up on your blog, don’t…

…read this piece by BlogTyrant first.

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