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Digital Marketing Roundup – May 2018

Content Marketing, Monthly Round Up, Organic Search (SEO)

Have you been making headway with your marketing strategy for the 2018/19 financial year? If not, this month’s digital roundup blog via the team here at The Evergreen Agency offers even more insight into the latest SEO developments, which may or may not affect the way you work.

So, without further ado then…let’s kick things off. As ever, our post contains lots of handy, bitesize nuggets of information (nine, in fact!) to help you better digest the important stuff. Read on…

Start-up? Here’s a 40-point SEO checklist for you…

If you’ve recently set up in business, you’ll know already that there’s a million and one things to do – but where to start? Between booking onto some trade shows or attempting to connect with your customer base on social media, you should put some serious time into your website. Is it SEO-optimised? What this means for any newbies stumbling on our blog is this: ‘is it working as hard for you as it could, or even should be?’ Search England Land to the rescue, then, thanks to this 40-point SEO checklist, which is designed to help start-ups like yours. If you do try any of the tips, make sure you let us know what has and hasn’t worked. We reckon you’ll see results from all of them if you implement the steps correctly – good luck!

Why isn’t your website ranking?

Tying in with the tips above, is this post from SEO.com, which looks at the reasons your website isn’t ranking. The first one on the list is this: you haven’t given it enough time – and that’s just it, isn’t it? You can’t expect your site to do well if you don’t put any hours or effort into it. Click the link above and discover even more reasons your site isn’t being found online.

Google’s Mobile-first Index Has Now Set Sail!

Are you on board with Google’s new mobile-first index yet? You’ll have heard us talking a lot about it and it’s because it’s shaken up the online world. The upshot is if your site isn’t responsive (i.e. mobile-friendly), Google will no longer favour it above competitors that do have a site that’s easily viewed on a mobile device. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Are you using these essential SEO tools?

If 2018 is the year you’re going to put a little bit more into your business’s SEO strategy, you’ll want to check out Brian’s definitive list of essential SEO tools. The owner of the Backlinko site, Brian knows everything there is to know about search engine optimisation – and this blog post should be your first port of call if you’re hoping to swat up on SEO.

Optimise Your E-Commerce Site for Boosted Sales…

Ensuring people sit up and take notice of your e-commerce brand in the early days of business can be frustrating to say the least. But this Search Metrics article has you covered when it comes to achieving the traction – and the sales – you’d like when you first set up.

Don’t Ignore Internal Links!

Why are internal links vital to SEO? This post by Raven Tools explains all! In short, they’re important because they guide search crawlers, direct link equity, and impact usability and SEO. Find out more about why internal links will help you and your site, by popping over to Raven Tools to read the article.

Are you a blogger?

You might not be a full-time blogger, but perhaps you’re trying to write more blog-style posts for your business website? Either way, SEM Rush has some sage advice for using Google Search Console – and using it well – throughout your blogging journey.

Optimising for the wrong keywords? Here Are the Warning Signs…

You don’t want to be optimising your site for the wrong keywords; it may be just as damaging as neglecting to add any keywords into the backend at all. But what you will want to do is read this piece by Search Engine Journal. It offers three warning signs for those of you who may be guilty of adding the wrong keywords to your site. Go on, head over there and read it.

Create Highly Relevant Content that Drives Sales

This is the elusive thing we all want to achieve, isn’t it? But now you can! And Neil Patel has all the info over on the Quick Sprout site – head here and take a look.

Enjoy our latest digital marketing roundup? Keep your eye here on our site for next month’s instalment!

Until next time…

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