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Digital Marketing Roundup – October 2017

Content Marketing, Monthly Round Up, Organic Search (SEO)

How’s October going so far for you? As well as any personal challenges you may have taken on (Stoptober and Go Sober for October are just two awareness days you might be marking this month), it’s likely that you have a few business goals you’d like to meet, too.

If one of your objectives for the month is to ensure your website is ranking well, have you checked out The Evergreen Academy yet? It’s a project of mine here at The Evergreen Agency and so far, it’s been attracting lots of small to medium-sized company owners, like yourself, who’d like to boost their presence online. You can enrol for free and the Academy is a fantastic resource (if I do say so myself!) for anyone who means business when it comes to being found online – check it out if you haven’t already.

Anyway, I’m here today as ever to bring you your monthly digital marketing round up, which comes complete with plenty of information from September you can make use of throughout this month – and long-term, too.

It’s split into three sections as usual (the same three you see on The Evergreen Agency website – over in our services section) and those are: ‘Increase Visibility’, ‘Engage and Excite’, and ‘Let’s Get Technical.’ Okay, so we’ll jump right in….

Increase Visibility

To increase visibility and build our online profile, we’re often told to look at the competition. What is it that others are doing well? In one of its blogs from September, though, Search Engine land suggests doing so may not be the best tactic if yours is an e-commerce site and you’re hoping to gain more customers.

In its piece – ‘Don’t Follow the Leader: Avoid These 5 E-Commerce SEO Mistakes’ – Search Engine Land says that big e-commerce players often make ‘critical SEO mistakes that should not be emulated’.

Ugly urls and using tags incorrectly are just two of the mistakes to watch out for, says the piece’s author, Brian Weiss. He points out that many e-commerce sites have conflicting tagging signals on their category pages, as well as tagging structures that are suboptimal. Find out more about what you should and shouldn’t be doing by hitting the link above.

Also on Search Engine Land in September was this piece about some of Google’s biggest algorithm updates. Often, when such updates come into play, I receive a worried email or two from clients of mine who can’t get their head around how certain changes to Google will affect them. This article explains some of the latest updates in a relatively straightforward way – head over to the link to learn more. Of course, by getting to grips with Google’s latest and upcoming changes, you can give your site the best chance possible of ranking – and ranking well.

Towards the end of September, Rand Fishkin’s ‘Whiteboard Friday’ instalment on Moz.com was another winner from the site’s blog. This one – ‘10 Things that DO NOT (Directly) Affect Your Google Rankings’ – features a video and accompanying content and helps you cut through some of the things you’re doing to ascertain whether they’re working. Pop over to the Moz site to read the piece – and don’t forget to put some of its tips into action if you haven’t already.

Engage and Excite

How do you get people excited about the services or products you’re offering? That’s what this section of this round up piece is all about: helping you gain the traction you deserve based on the effort you put into your site.

Want to try out some more marketing tips and tricks? We got a lot out of this piece from the Cognitive SEO blog. ’40 Marketing Newsletters You Will Want in Your Inbox’ has been written by Eva Nastrut and contains some free e-shots you’ll benefit from checking out.

“Newsletters are helpful, necessary, engaging, and most of the times free – yes.” says Eva, “But, at the same time, they can be annoying, intrusive, spammy, and often irrelevant to our daily interests – true.” So, head over to Eva’s blog to find out which ones you should be taking notice of and which ones you can swerve.

By signing up to some of these newsletters, who knows what nuggets of information you’ll learn? And when you take into account their advice, you could be well on your way to record-breaking website hits via increased engagement with loyal – and new – customers.

If you’re in the midst of creating a content marketing strategy, read this before you finish it. It’s another useful piece of content from around the net, which will help you ensure your site is front and centre when people decide to search for services you offer.

“Content marketing has become the secret weapon in a successful marketing strategy…” so says the article. It’s all about using different tactics to grab the attention of your target market.

You can check out one of SEO Nick’s recent blogs if you’re after some more tips relating to content marketing. Nick says there are lots of different ways to approach the subject of creating good content for your site and its blog, stating that whether yours is an e-commerce site or a standalone blog, content is key.

“As a content writer myself, I’m well aware of what it takes to write the ‘perfect piece’ – but the process might be different for you.” he starts. “As an individual, the way you approach writing is going to vary, and that’s why we’re here to talk about as much as we can (in regards to producing high-quality content).” We’d say hop on over to Nick’s blog to see if it contains any advice you haven’t yet thought of.

Reading our monthly round ups is also a good place to start if you’d like to improve the output of your content, since we always aim to bring you info you can put into use.

If you wanted to try something different, you could also give video marketing a go. It’s becoming more and more prominent in the digital sphere – and HubSpot has some wise words about how it can help you and your business, over here.

The site uses the Gangnam Style music video as an example of how engagement isn’t always solely about content marketing. Sometimes, people are simply looking for something fun to watch – and why can’t you be the creator of the next big thing in video marketing?!

Click the link above to discover over 100 facts about marketing with videos and how it might just be the best move you make for your business.

Right, now for our Let’s Get Technical portion of this article…

Let’s Get Technical

Is your site mobile-friendly? We’ve talked about this a lot in our monthly round up posts and it’s with good reason. It’s so important to ensure your site is working well across all devices – after all, if it isn’t, you may quickly lose potential customers. So, we suggest you take a look at this blog from SEO.com.

A fully mobile-optimized website, so says SEO.com, will be easier to read and play smoothly on even the smallest of mobile screens. Don’t assume, then, that your customer base is using a PC; instead, get your responsiveness up to speed and you’ll be happy you did.

This post via Search Engine Land went live at the back end of August, but we didn’t want to let this round up go by without mentioning it. ‘The 10 Most Common WordPress SEO Challenges and How to Solve Them’ is ideal for those of you who use, you guessed it, WordPress for their site. There’s plenty of great advice in the article, so we’d recommend delving in and seeing what you can pick up.

Moving on…

If you’d like to take yourself back to basics (or perhaps you are brand new to digital marketing and optimising your site), read this article from Yoast. ‘SEO Basics: What Are Ranking Signals’ discusses ‘the characteristics of a website that determine the position in the search engines’.

We’re talking about algorithms here again, by the way – and we reckon that if you’re not already, you’ll be an expert on them very soon. This is another piece which highlights the importance of great content for your site, so make a note of how you can up the ante in terms of the articles you post and you really will be onto something.

Are you thinking about Christmas marketing strategies already? Well, we say ‘already’ but December 25 isn’t too far off at all. Thankfully, then, Branded3 has some advice for you when it comes to researching festive-focused keywords for SEO.

What’s the technical section of this round up without some suggested tools? Good news! The Branded3 article offers plenty of them in the quest to improve your festive marketing plan. Use your current keyword list, Excel, Google Keyword Planner, and Mergewords (amongst others) to get the best results for your business ahead of Christmas.

Like this round up? Don’t forget to keep an eye on our site for more tips where these came from – and best of luck actioning some of these hints, tips and advice.

Until next time…

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