3 ways to leverage paid media in hot sales seasons

Last updated: November 28, 2023

Konrad Frankowski

Konrad 'Kon' Frankowski is the Head of Paid Media at The Evergreen Agency specialising in strategic growth, performance marketing and commercial leadership.

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Businesses can significantly enhance their market presence and drive sales to effectively harness the potential of paid media during peak sales seasons, such as Christmas, Black Friday or Mother’s Day.

Here are three dynamic strategies for maximising paid media impact during these crucial times:

Laser precision with targeted ad campaigns

Utilising customer data and analytics, craft highly targeted advertising initiatives. This means delving into your audience’s demographics, interests, and purchasing patterns.

Utilise platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads for their sophisticated targeting capabilities, including geographical, interest-based, and remarketing options. By customising your ads for specific customer groups, you will boost conversion rates and achieve a higher return on investment.

For extra boost, blend email marketing with your paid media efforts. Although email is traditionally owned media, its integration with paid strategies can be highly effective.

Use paid advertisements to expand your email list in the lead-up to the sales season, then employ segmented email campaigns to engage different customer groups with tailored messages and offers, fostering lead nurturing and conversion.

Tis the season: make your offer exclusive, on point and irresistible

Developing unique offers, discounts, or product bundles exclusive to the sales period is one of the main ingredients of your campaign’s success. It’s your secret sauce and paid media is the gravy boat.

Advertising campaigns are an excellent tool for broadcasting these promotions to vast audiences. Time-sensitive offers create urgency, spurring quicker purchase decisions. Emphasise the distinctiveness or exclusivity of these offers in your ads to capture more attention.

Put your page where your mouth is: optimise them!

Even the best, most compelling offer will fall flat if your audience doesn’t know about it, or even worse, they land on a page that’s not relevant or doesn’t reflect the unique selling points you mention in your ad.

Guide your paid media traffic to specially designed landing pages. It will reassure your audience they are in the correct place and the content is optimised for converting visitors into customers.

From the technical point of view, your advertising platform, whether it’s Google, Meta or TikTok shop, will straight away determine how effective your ads are likely to be and your page is one of the determining factors.

Why this is so important? The lower quality your ad is the more you will spend on your campaign without hitting the returns you are going for.

These pages should feature a clear call-to-action, relevant product details, and a streamlined checkout process. Complement this with retargeting campaigns aimed at individuals who visited your site but still need to complete a purchase.

Retargeting ads act as reminders and additional touchpoints. They can effectively re-engage potential customers who are still contemplating their next buy.

In implementing these strategies, it’s crucial to meticulously monitor your campaign performance. Utilise analytics to discern what is and isn’t working, and be prepared to modify your strategies for optimal results.

Additionally, ensure that your messaging is consistent with your brand values and resonates with your target audience, as this is key to fostering lasting customer relationships.

That’s it for this month, let’s catch up in December!


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