What will content marketing look like in 2024?

Last updated: December 13, 2023

Josie Palmer

Josie Palmer is our Content Manager here at Evergreen. With a unique way with words, Josie's imagination, creativity, and passion for writing helps brands boost their online content to take it to new heights.

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December is the perfect time to take stock, look at your performance in 2023, and reflect. But as well as looking back, December is also the time to look forward. This is essential to make informed, strategic decisions that take your brand to new heights next year. Read on to discover the most anticipated content marketing trends and predictions for 2024.

Champion storytelling

2024 will see authentic storytelling take centre stage in a sea of similarities. Craft narratives that intrigue customers, excite audiences and tell a story. By building on concepts that resonate with the content you create, your brand will consistently be top-of-mind with consumers regarding crunch time.

Prioritise personalised content

A content strategy that’s super-niche, relevant and personalised for audiences will grow in prominence in 2024. As audiences look for solutions that acutely solve their problems, tailored content will give you a competitive edge and enable you to form deeper connections with customers.

Incorporate short-form video

Short form video continues to be an essential medium in the consent arsenal. For content marketers, video content be imperative in 2024, enabling brands to keep up with competitors and cast a wider net. This will ensure your products reach the growing number of consumers who look to video content for products and solutions.

Refine the shopping experience with AR / VR

The ‘try before you buy’ technique continues to be a limitation for ecommerce brands, especially for brands with no bricks-and-mortar store. It can be a dealbreaker for on-the-fence customers or wary purchasers. Brands that capitalise on augmented reality and virtual try-ons will have a competitive advantage, offering customers an immersive, industry-leading shopping experience that is unique to the customer.

Enhance product pages with videos and visuals

Humans are visual learners. Product videos and quality visual assets are fast becoming integral to the buyer journey, as visuals can aid and assist customers at every single touchpoint of the buyer journey. Product images alone are fast becoming inadequate for consumers, as audiences now expect a superior shopping experience that’s reflective of the technology and innovations that they use every day, and are becoming readily available to brands.

Sustainability will take centre stage

2024 will see audiences actively seek out and support and purchase from sustainably conscious brands. Demonstrate that you are a socially conscious and responsible brand to bring a feel-good factor to the purchase process and incentivise users to convert. This could encompass initiatives and innovations of all shapes and sizes, such as achieving B Corp status, using eco-friendly packaging, and building a sustainable supply chain.

That’s it for this month, I hope you have a fantastic Christmas and let’s catch up in the new year!


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