Google introduces Google Notes and Follow

Last updated: December 5, 2023

Naomi Francis-Parker

Naomi is Evergreen's Head of SEO and oversees the organic side of the agency. She is incredibly well versed in the core disciplines of digital marketing including content marketing, promotion and the technical side of SEO.

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Google announced last month that it was looking at new ways to improve search for users with the introduction of Notes and a follow feature.

Google Notes will allow users to read and share tips about specific topics directly from the search results. The idea is to allow users to find more experienced-based information from other Google users to help them find exactly what they want.

Similarly, Google is looking to introduce a new follow feature that allows users to follow specific topics they are interested in and, if they opt-in, receive notifications when new or timely information is available.

When a user follows a topic, the next time they search for that topic, they will see new information at the top of the search results. This is great from a user-experience perspective because it saves someone having to scroll through a sea of results they’ve already seen, making their search experience truly tailored to them, something that Google is always striving to do.

In the same announcement, Google also mentioned that it is looking at ways to make it easier for users to find their favourite pages/sites based on behaviour.

If a user repeatedly visits the same site for information on a particular topic, the next time they search for that topic, that site will appear at the top of the search results.

This level of personalisation is brilliant for the user as it makes their life easier and should hopefully shorten the time it takes for them to find what they’re looking for.

From an SEO perspective, it does mean that search is going to become increasingly competitive as brands fight to become a customer’s favourite but that’s something that brands should be fighting for anyway.

If anything, this should push brands and marketers to create content that is truly useful for the user and hits all the key requirements for E-E-A-T. Users want real-world experiences to shape their purchasing decisions, so providing generic information isn’t good enough (nor should it be).

We’re interested to see where these experiments go and how they’ll shape search behaviour…

You can read Google’s full announcement here.

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