Everything you need to know before writing a digital PR pitch

Last updated: January 4, 2024

Amber Buonsenso

Amber Buonsenso is an expert in all things promotion and digital PR, building solid media relationships and securing links for many ecommerce brands in some of the top media publications globally.

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So you’ve come up with a great campaign idea, you’ve had the client sign off, executed the research and the landing page is now live.

All that is left to do is launch your idea to the press, which means crafting a compelling and engaging story, which sells your idea to journalists and makes them want to cover it… daunting right?

Nailing your digital PR pitch is crucial to landing coverage for your business and having a strong pitch could be the deciding factor to whether your journalist picks up your email or not.

To win over journalists with your next digital PR pitch there are some important things to consider before you start writing your email. Below, our promotion and PR team share everything you need to know before writing a digital PR pitch for a successful outreach.

Follow these steps below and see your open rates reach an all-time high!

Understand your audience before you write the pitch

To write a perfectly targeted and relevant digital PR pitch, you need to envision who is reading it beforehand. This will allow you to tailor the information and subject line accordingly as you will have the journalists in mind who you want to read this.

Create your media list first to identify all of the contacts you will be emailing and establish whether you need to write multiple pitches for different segments of your outreach. For example, when building a media list for a new campaign you may realise that you have a lifestyle angle but also a finance angle.

Establishing your audience first means you now know that two separate pitches are required, one aimed at lifestyle journalists and the other heavily tailored to a select list of finance writers.

Think carefully about your subject line

Your subject line is arguably one of the most important parts of your campaign pitch as it’s the first thing a journalist sees in their inbox and the deciding factor as to whether they read the rest of your email. Subject lines should be easy to understand, so don’t overcomplicate.

Try to strike the balance of an eye-catching message which tells journalists exactly what the rest of your email is about. Avoid clickbait titles as these can create the opposite effect. If journalists can’t establish what your campaign is about because you’ve used a riddled subject line, they might not open it because of this.

If a story is good enough, a short and simple headline will catch the attention of the right audience.

How do you plan to personalise your pitches?

Mass email outreach is a thing of the past and all good PRs will know that quality over quantity generates the best results. Smaller media lists allow you to add personalisation into your pitches so before writing them, plan how you intend to do this.

Did a journalist cover a related article recently, or maybe they reached an important milestone in their career which you saw them share on social media?

Find a way to let journalists know you have carefully thought your pitch through and they haven’t been added to another mass email send out.

The structure of your emails is key

Journalists receive hundreds of PR pitches a day so your emails need to be easy to read and understand throughout. Think carefully about the structure of your emails and place engaging pieces of information at the start of each email.

The main point of your email needs to be clear within the first few sentences so that journalists are not struggling to figure out the purpose of your email past the first paragraph.

Make additional information easily accessible such as attachments to imagery, headshots etc. by attaching it to the the email or including a link to a Google Drive folder which doesn’t expire after a certain amount of time.

Taking the points above into consideration when writing your next pitch will soon help to increase your open rates and responses from journalists when outreaching digital PR campaigns and as a result secure top pieces of media coverage.

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