My one SEO prediction for 2024

Last updated: January 24, 2024

Naomi Francis-Parker

Naomi is Evergreen's Head of SEO and oversees the organic side of the agency. She is incredibly well versed in the core disciplines of digital marketing including content marketing, promotion and the technical side of SEO.

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As unoriginal as it might be, it’s always good to think about how the digital marketing landscape might change in the year ahead, and it will change, trust me!

2023 was a very volatile year for search, with several core algorithm updates, an update to the Google Quality Rater Guidelines after nearly a year and the introduction of Google SGE to name a few.

All of these changes and tests by are deliberate and with the rise of AI in search, it’s clear that Google is trying to find the best way to utilise AI whilst maintaining the value, trust and usefulness for its users.

There’s an element of the unknown with AI which causes nervousness among both users and marketers. The rise of so-called ‘AI content’ is at the heart of this which is why Google wants to make it easy for users to find content which speaks to the human experience. We’ve seen this with the testing of Google Notes, E-E-A-T and the recent changes to the Quality Rater Guidelines and this focus will only heighten in 2024.

My only prediction for 2024 is that experience is going to be more important than ever before, and marketers will need to think about whether their work has enough experiential touchpoints to give users that human quality that they crave.

This goes beyond simply adding an author bio to your content with a couple of social media links. It’s answering questions like:

Who’s written this content?

  • Why have they written this content?
  • Why is this person qualified to talk about this?
  • Why should I trust this person’s advice?

You must be able to answer these questions to evoke trust, and experience needs to permeate everything you do as a brand. People want to know they’re receiving genuine advice and that they’re buying from a company and people that know what they’re talking about and, most importantly, are qualified to be even talking about it.

The key(words) for success in 2024, I think, will be to remain human and prove your experience to your audience.

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