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Last updated: January 30, 2024

Amber Buonsenso

Amber Buonsenso is an expert in all things promotion and digital PR, building solid media relationships and securing links for many ecommerce brands in some of the top media publications globally.

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“New Year, New me.” We’ve all heard it before!

Whilst this is a very cliche phrase, the new year really does present a great opportunity for improvement and change where it’s needed.

People usually come back from a well-needed Christmas break and have had time to unwind relax and reflect on how they can enter 2024 with a strong start.

I definitely did and have had some great ideas on how we can take our Promotion and PR department to the next level this year.

Many of you will have seen the recent trend circulating on social media where people are sharing their ‘ins and outs’ for the year ahead and I’m here for it!

I thought it would only be right to jump on the bandwagon and share an in-depth version of my own 2024 ‘ins’ that I’d love to see from the PR industry in the year ahead of us:

Being more creative with resources

We’ve been lucky enough to be introduced to some great pieces of AI last year, along with lots of sources of data out there available for us to access, so an important ‘in’ for 2024 in my opinion is to utilise this in our campaigns and outreach and be as creative as we can with the resources we have.

Raise the bar when it comes to measuring PR success

I’ve said this before but in 2024 the industry has got to ditch the link targets… Or at least use them internally as guidance as opposed to sharing them with clients as a success factor.

There are many more accurate ways to track PR success including the number of increased referring domains, and referral traffic generated.

Quality over quantity

I think this applies to all aspects of PR, especially when it comes to outreach lists and link results.

For a long time, I think the industry felt that we needed to have media lists of hundreds of journalists, but with lots of journalist redundancies and more of us understanding the importance of only targeting the most relevant writers, this isn’t the case anymore.

Very rarely do we have media lists that surpass 100 writers and that’s fine because our open rates are better than ever and so are the quality of links we are securing for our clients.

I know for us certainly, gone are the days when we were most excited about lots of syndicated links.

Securing a super relevant feature in one of our client’s dream publications is so much more valuable in my opinion and in quite a few scenarios the quality of the links secured is what will move the needle for your client’s SEO and overall brand awareness.

PRs and journalists unite

2024 needs to be the year where journalists and PRs unite! We’ve started to see more of this recently but I think it’s so important to leave any journalist/PR stereotypes behind and start working better together to reach all of our goals.

I would love to see journalists and PRs understand even more about each other’s workloads, targets etc. and maybe even a combined online community where the two professions can come together.

Incorporating more experts into outreach

If you’ve read my previous insight articles or viewed the results our promotion team at Evergreen have generated, you will know we are BIG fans of incorporating experts into our campaigns and pitch ideas. Most of our pitches include expert comments and sometimes are even focused purely around knowledge from our clients in their niches.

In a world where there are so many click-bait articles circulating the media, we should be pitching to our advantage and providing useful and reputable information to journalists for them to include in their features.

We as PRs must look beyond the idea of securing a link and remember the end audience who will be reading this information and associating it with our clients.

If you’ve read any of my previous insight pieces you will know that I love to include some of my favourite work from the industry in the last month. These are my three favourite campaigns I’ve spotted this month:

Airbnb – The best times to book and travel in 2024

AirBnb Best time to book and travel campaign

I love this campaign as it’s so timely and relevant for so many people. January blues are real and so this month is typically the time people plan holidays for the year ahead. Airbnb have realised the authority they hold on this topic and provided their audience with valuable information and stats on when to book the perfect trip away to get the best prices.

Sweethearts ‘Situationship’ sweets

Sweethearts PR Campaign

This campaign is brilliant and launched at the perfect time in the run-up to Valentine’s Day. The brand definitely had a target audience in mind when launching this as the term ‘situationship’ is a term used more recently by people who are unclear of their relationship status with someone, making it a situationship.

Sweethearts have switched out their classic worded heart-shaped sweets with unclear messaging to reflect that of a situationship.

Cinnabon sells pink cinnamon rolls to celebrate the new Mean Girls film

Cinnabon PR Campaign

I love this campaign as it’s simple yet effective. Pink has been a trending colour for some time now due to the Barbie movie launching last summer and it looks like we will be seeing a lot more pink in our day-to-day lives with the new Mean Girls movie which has recently arrived in cinemas.

Limited edition pink cinnamon rolls are a great way to jump on the trend and also encourage people to take a trip down to their local Cinnabon before watching the movie!

Let’s catch up in February!


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