Why human experiences are key for content success in 2024

Last updated: January 18, 2024

Josie Palmer

Josie Palmer is our Content Manager here at Evergreen. With a unique way with words, Josie's imagination, creativity, and passion for writing helps brands boost their online content to take it to new heights.

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As we look to the future and what 2024 will hold, there is plenty of chatter surrounding content, and the right approach. As Google’s recent helpful content update tells us, the chatter around artificial intelligence and its impact remains key.

As questions about authenticity, trustworthiness and value continue to resurface, it’s more important than ever for brands to look within to harness, tackle and overcome these concerns.

Devising content that aligns with, and meets the expectations of, the human experience, will be key to a brand’s success. That is to say, for your content to truly deliver, it’s vital to not only understand the true meaning behind a search query but to understand the human behind it.

So, how can brands ensure their content resonates?

  • Create niche, highly intentional and situational content that robustly reflects users’ pain points
  • Incorporate human elements that triumph artificial intelligence’s capabilities (such as live Q&As, webinars and real-time responses to user queries)
  • Demonstrate a deep understanding of the topic in question

Beyond this, Search Engine Journal’s (SEJ’s) guide to SEO 2024 has highlighted the importance of Ontology, a concept that’s been adopted as a critical technique for impactful data management and information architecture.

In essence, it’s a philosophical term used to describe how humans naturally relate entities (topics and concepts) to one another.

As Ben Steele remarks in SEJ’s SEO Trends for 2024;

“Developing well-organised ontologies (maps of entities and their connections) will prepare you for success in AI platforms and Google Search, and improve user experiences.”

By incorporating ontologies into their content strategy, brands can build a map of meaning behind user intent and search behaviour.

I’ve condensed this into the Seven Rs analogy….

Aim to devise and deliver content that:

  • Recognises the search intent
  • Resolves their pain point
  • Resonates with the end user

If you do this, you will:

  • Reaffirm your brand’s authority
  • Retain and nurture customer relationships
  • Reshape your approach to content marketing, for the better

So there you have it – a (much condensed) version of my January insights video. I hope you’ve found this useful. For more inspiration and content marketing know-how, check out our Ecommerce hub for the latest updates.


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