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SEO Roundup – February 2019

Monthly Round Up

Welcome to the February roundup of the most important news in SEO.

Each month we aim to give you some really great pointers to help you to get better at SEO and improve your chances of ranking more highly.

With the political and economic uncertainty in the UK, now is a good time to really push your site and gain more leads and business.

Right now, there are people looking for what you do… so let’s help you get found!

SEO Foundations, Found!

When it comes to SEO, there are so many clever tricks that we’re not at all surprised when we see some site owners forgetting the basics. Our advice? Don’t run before you can walk. Get the basics sorted.

Foundations for SEO include crawlability, off and onsite optimisation, and of course – content! This great little piece in Search Engine Land lays these out in a short and concise way.

Four Foundations for SEO in 2019

To Me, To You?

Building links is a strong SEO game and one that (when done carefully) works well. But you need to be building the right links and relevant links, and not just any old links. So, what about reciprocal links? What about swapping links? Should you link to someone, so they link back?

In this interesting post, hrefs discuss the pros and cons and find out (in their research) that nearly 76% of sites do share links to each other. So, is it a good idea? Find out here…

The Reciprocity Game Uncovered

Close Shave or SEO Win For Gillette?

After re-introducing the word ‘toxic’ into daily language and calling out some men in a brave move, Gillette certainly got their fair share of exposure this year. With all the noise, conversation, shares, views and social media attention though, was it worth it?

Search Engine Watch wanted to find out. They’ve shared their findings in this post. Did Gillette do well on search? Well five times the number of normal searches for ‘Gillette Razor’ might suggest that they did. Interesting.

Gillette Stubble on New Traffic

On Page, On Trend

There’s a lot of work you should be doing for your SEO off-site, but the fact remains that if you’re not working ‘on’ your site then all that could well be in vain. On site SEO covers a vast range of tactics and strategies. But what are the simplest things you could do right now to improve your chances this year?

Moz’s Whiteboard Friday is well respected in the SEO world, and this edition covers the main areas to focus on. This includes crawling, indexing, researching, and of course creating high value content!

On Page SEO Laid Out

Researching Like a Pro (for Free!)

Getting results from SEO can be tough. But without the right research and information sourcing, it’s almost impossible. Ranking on Google is rarely a mistake, and when all is said and done you need to calculate what it is you want to rank, for and how you’re going to do it.

How? Look at the competition and get data on the traffic a keyword is gaining. Neil Patel is a high authority in SEO and his tool ‘Uber Suggest 3.0’ just got domain level keyword metrics! This is a slick and useful research tool… and it’s free. Enjoy.

Searching For the Right Words…

The Number One Reason They Search…

Over the years, the way people use Google for has changed. As Google bring in more and more products, (and delete them. Goodbye Google+) this will no doubt change some more. But one of the top reasons people head to Google is geographical navigation. Google maps has risen in popularity, even being added to Apple Car Play options recently.

So, you really need to get your Google Maps listing sorted. That’s where Google My Business comes in. Here’s how to completely optimise your Google My Business Listing with some help from Search Engine Journal. This is well worth doing.

Mapping Out Your SEO – Google My Business

Website Wobble? (You Still Need That!)

There has been a lot of talk over the years about whether or not you still need a website to rank. With other platforms like Trip Advisor, Four Square and of course social media, there have been suggestions that having a website is now old hat. We respectfully disagree.

In 2019 the way to rank locally will be very dependent on a website and for good reason. This round up of the basics and some other cool tactics outline why a website is your key to local SEO. This also gives advice on how to gain and nurture those leads long after they’ve left the website.

A Local Search For Local People

Hacking Growth in SEO

We do love some good SEO hacks, and in this in-depth blog on SEO hacks, Search Engine Watch uncover five of their favourites. We particularly like the use of ‘dead competitors’ and some clever SEO growth ideas using Google Console. And what about the news that just one word in the title of over 20,000 blogs raised a lot of traffic?

That word? Example. Yup, it’s simple but very eye-catching and effective. Dive on into this one… it’s a winning, erm, example!

Growth Hacking Your 2019 SEO

Thanks for reading and we really do hope we’ve given you some valuable food for thought and suggestions. As ever, if you’d like some help with any of these suggestions do get in touch.

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