Quickest ways to increase ecommerce sales

Last updated: July 16, 2023

Aaron Rudman-Hawkins

Aaron Rudman-Hawkins is a dynamic digital marketing expert and a driving force behind The Evergreen Agency's success. With a passion for technology and a deep understanding of the ever-evolving digital landscape, Aaron has become a trusted name in the industry.

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In this Ask Aaron video, I explore key areas that can give your ecommerce business the head start it needs. From SEO techniques to PPC optimisations, let’s uncover some unique and effective strategies that have the potential to make a real difference for your online store.

SEO Quick Wins

1 – Tech Audit

Conduct a comprehensive technical audit of your website to uncover issues such as unindexed pages, technical glitches, and user experience problems.

2 – User Experience Check

Thoroughly assess the user journey, especially during the checkout process. Identify any roadblocks, such as unclear buttons, overlapping elements, or other usability issues.

3 – Content Consolidation

Analyse your website’s content, products, and categories. Consolidate or remove content that’s not generating traffic or engagement, streamlining your site’s crawlability and navigation.

PPC Boosters

1 – Negative keywords

Develop and implement detailed negative keyword lists in your PPC campaigns. This prevents your ads from showing for irrelevant searches, saving your budget for more relevant clicks.

2 – Conversion tracking precision

Set up conversion tracking meticulously. Exclude non-commercial actions and focus on tracking conversions that directly impact your bottom line.

3 – Shopping feed optimisation

Optimise your shopping feed by crafting customised titles, descriptions, and custom labels that accurately reflect your products. This ensures your products are presented accurately to potential customers.

Whether it’s resolving technical issues, refining the user experience, or optimising your ad campaigns, these strategies can help you make a significant impact and achieve your sales goals. Keep these tips in mind as you work to enhance your ecommerce business and create a strong foundation for growth.

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