What smart ecommerce brands are doing right now to grow

Last updated: July 4, 2023

Aaron Rudman-Hawkins

Aaron Rudman-Hawkins is a dynamic digital marketing expert and a driving force behind The Evergreen Agency's success. With a passion for technology and a deep understanding of the ever-evolving digital landscape, Aaron has become a trusted name in the industry.

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In this video, I’ll share some real insights into what smart ecommerce brands are doing right now to grow. I’ll share 6 real examples of clients we’re working with that you can take and deploy for your own brand.

1 – Creating leveraged content

This is the kind of content that, once created, will continue to add value and help your brand to grow indefinitely. This isn’t a case of creating streams of fresh content that you share on your social media channels, blogs and marketing channels. Creating content for the sake of content can be a slippery slope. The trouble with this kind of content? It’s created today, and forgotten tomorrow.

So, what we work with our clients to do, is to identify the kind of content that brands can leverage consistently. Leveraged content will always take time to create, the result of which will be high-value, best-of-the-web content that beats whatever else is out there.

Vitally, it’s the kind of content that brands can leverage year after year, and also repurpose for promotion, further exposure, and increase brand mentions. Aim to create the kind of content that you can be employed across all your touchpoints, to add value to your target customers, and get your brand front and centre.

2 – Hone down on your specific channels

Many clients fall into the trap of trying to tackle multiple channels – brands often spread themselves too thin. By focusing resources and budget on your key channels, it can be easier to increase your conversion rates as you can hone in and double down on key KPIs. By getting the most out of the platforms that prove to be the most successful, and focusing on how to boost conversions via that channel, you can get the most out of that channel. Less is more.

3 – Build lists

This tactic is often overlooked, All the smart ecommerce brands are doing this – it’s key for scaling your brand online. Build and own your email lists- the bar is being continually raised, so by embracing that and meeting demand, you can leverage email lists to your advantage.

Make it a priority, and identify how your email lists correlate to your overall revenue – this can give you a benchmark to aim for and demonstrate the genuine value to be had in email retargeting and remarketing. Every brand has the ability to keep their products top of mind – utilise your lists and audiences and re-approach how you build and use your email lists.

4 – Develop a deep understanding of your customer

It’s harder than it’s ever been to get the attention of your customers, so another smart and simple way that brands can grow online? By getting to know your existing audience at a far deeper level. Be comprehensive and crystal clear on who your customer is. Understand their pain points, go deeper in your research and leverage your existing data points to your advantage.

Nurture your email lists. Extract information from performance data. Get to know your customers and build profiles that niche down on personalised experience. This’ll give your brand will have all the tools it will need to build out customer journeys that are precisely tailored to a customer’s needs, predict spending patterns and more.

5 – Invest in long-term growth strategies

If want to stay competitive, work smartly by investing in long-term growth -it’ll pay dividends in the long run. It’s very easy for brands to focus their efforts on ‘quick fixes’, and it can prove tricky for brands to understand the importance of longevity. A long-term growth strategy will always require an initial investment upfront, which can be offputting for brands, especially as you won’t see results overnight. Where possible, focus your attention on long-term strategies. Prioritise your marketing budget to growing organically – smart brands rely less on Paid Media, and give more time, attention and resource to SEO, content marketing and promotion.

6 – Cross-channel marketing funnels

GA4 makes this far easier – but smart ecommerce brands need to track performance dta across multiple marketing channels. Map a marketing funnel based on your user behaviour that covers multiple touchpoints. Mirror user data, map out a customer’s journey and pinpoint how they interact with your brand. This’ll enable you to paint an accurate picture of how to serve your content at the right time, in the right place, and to the right customer.
Don’t only focus on one pursuit, and consistently ask yourself how you can build a funnel through your cross-channel marketing.

Definitely some food for thought on this one. Which of these are you already doing, and ask yourself – how can your brand leverage more from your digital marketing?


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