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SEO Roundup – January 2019

Monthly Round Up

Happy new year! How was 2018 for you?

January tends to be when many people are looking back (and then forward) to plan for the new year as they learn from the previous one.

So, how did your website do in 2018?

Did you get more or less traffic than previous years?

Did you decrease your bounce rate or increase your conversion?

Now is a great time to review how you did and also see if that extra content, social media, or SEO effort paid off.

One of the best places to look is Google Analytics but we don’t suggest you start delving into Analytics and spreadsheets on your first day back when you have a mountain of emails to catch up on first!

That said, there’s some really great content out there this month so let’s have a look at some helpful articles that you may find useful for your Search Engine Optimisation in 2019.

Back to Basics for Backlinks

Backlinks are still a very powerful source of authority and traffic for a website. With the changes this year and before good (and relevant) links to your site are something Google looks for and rates rather highly.

It’s a big job though! Getting the right links and lots of them is the aim, but it requires loads of new content… right?

Well not according to ahrefs who’ve published a really interesting way to gain links from your existing content by searching strategically through Google and ‘piggybacking’ on your competitors’ pages and links. This is sneaky, but an interesting tip!

Searching for These in Search Console? Bad News…

Search Console is a go to dashboard and platform for any website owner and the reporting and warning signs it can give you are highly regarded. But Google have been on an updating mission recently and the this piece of software has had a facelift.

The result: Some reports have been removed!

But don’t panic (yet) as Google promise that removed reports have been replaced by better ones. It sounds like you might want to get back into Console now (this post shares the changes) and find your way around though, as more changes are coming.

Don’t Forget: SEO is Important (Key Areas to Focus on)

A lot of your SEO tasks are ongoing. Much of the work on your site that will help you to rank will never stop. Sorry, but this is a long game. Many changes will have happened in your industry, your website, and of course to Google over the year. Now is a good time to look back over your site and make sure you have a good SEO strategy in place.

But where do you start? This super roundup of SEO essential tasks from Search Engine Land is a good place. From checking broken links to the essential task of updated content to keep it correct and relevant, enjoy this post and add it to your 2019 to dos!

They’re Searching All Day Long. Do You Know What For?

It’s thought that around 20% of Google’s daily searches are brand new. Yes – a fifth of daily searches have never been searched before. A lot of this will be viral content, news stories, and breaking trends of course, but they may well be impacting on your industry… so you really should create content around them.

But how do you know what they are? Search Engine World just published this cool selection of tips to help you find important searches including using Google trends and the good old autocomplete tool. There are some good ideas in here and worth a read. Just not while you’re eating your turkey.

Getting the Boss On Board With Your SEO Plans

SEO is an incredibly important part of your marketing yet getting buy-in from peers and colleagues can sometimes be a challenge. This could be because SEO is often seen as a dark art, is more often than not explained very badly, or – because of its technical nature – it comes across complicated and is best left forgotten.

You know it’s important? Great, here’s a really great way to build a case for SEO in your business that strips the jargon and helps you benchmark and set goals for the campaign.

Your SEO is Sooooo Last Decade!

A lot of what works with SEO (great content, good links, solid user experience) never changes, but some of it still does and there are many practices out there that are out of date but still being used.

Is this a problem? Well some of the practices might actually harm your SEO so it’s worth getting up-to-speed on the right strategies. This blog post from Search Engine Journal is a nice wrap-up of the tactics that are older than Justin Bieber’s first album and need dropping quicker than his latest single!

A 652% Improvement in All The Right Areas

Getting more traffic to your website is the ultimate aim as a website owner or manager. All this SEO is great and ranking higher is wonderful… but it’s traffic and sales you want. So what do you do when a piece of content that was ranking well suddenly falls? Well, if you’re Brain Dean from Backlinko you obsess over it, pull it apart, and create a fabulous blog post on the results.

This blog walks us through precisely how much detail some SEO has to go into and gives some really interesting insight into what ranks, why, and how it can slip away overnight. Fantastic content.

YouTube Hacking: Getting More Subscribers in 19 Simple Moves

YouTube is a great place to gain authority and traffic to your brand and in turn traffic to your website. A solid YouTube strategy can and does generate some great SEO for your website and not all directly.

But it’s really hard to gain subscribers! Aside from creating the best content on the web, how do you do it? Well Brian Dean from Backlinko just shared 19 tips on creating a supersonic YouTube channel which includes some great ideas for growing those all-important subscribers.

Thanks for reading and we hope we’ve added some value to your day.

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Here’s to a successful 2019!

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