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Google Announces New ‘Mobile First’ Indexing Update…

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Just when you think you’ve got to grips with the latest Google update the search engine introduces another! Hot off the press, then, is this morning’s development: mobile-first indexing is now the way forward.

We’ve seen this update coming, but we’re dropping by with a video for those who may be unaware of this big shift and what it may mean for you and your business.

I’ve filmed this video to let you know all you need to know now the update’s here. Make sure you tune in to discover my advice, but in short, Google is now a mobile-first index – and they’ve done this to reflect people’s browsing habits. More and more of us are bypassing companies’ desktop website in favour of a quick browse on the go via our mobile, which is why you should be equipped for this change.

Crawling the mobile version of your site rather than its desktop counterpart, the search engine will send you a notification email once your site has been switched to mobile-first indexing. What the search engine will be doing, though, is only moving the sites which appear to be ready for the change, which begs the question: is your site prepared?

Don’t panic, though; If you only have a desktop version of your site, it will still be crawled and indexed by Google and there will be no change to its online visibility.

It’s worth knowing that this new development came into force yesterday (Monday, March 26), so once you have chance to look back at your month-by-month traffic you may notice this update has made an impact.

So, why should you care about this? Well, your site’s usability and engagement may now come under fire – but there’s one simple thing you can do (aside from watching this video) and that’s grab your mobile phone now and take a good look at your site. When doing so, ask yourself these questions:

  • does your site work on a mobile?
  • is it quick to load?
  • how easy is it to navigate?
  • if you were a customer, would you find browsing your site on a mobile is a smooth and stress-free experience?

Once you’ve done this, you can also check the usability of your site via this handy Google testing tool – and remember: if you need a hand ensuring your site is easier to use, you know where we are!

If you want to know more about the mobile-first indexing update, Brian Dean has produced a comprehensive guide you’ll want to check out. Now on the Backlinko site, it features everything you need to know about mobile SEO and how you can get a handle on it now the new development is here.

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