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A new Google update is rolling out now! Make the most of it with our tips

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Just when you feel you’re up to speed with Google’s frequent developments, the search engine introduces yet another – and there’s one happening right now, which we’re sure you’d like to know more about.

On Wednesday, August 1, Google announced the unveiling of a broad core algorithm update for search results. The update has been launched, but it’s important to note that it’s continuing to roll out with each passing day.

In fact, as reported in this Search Engine Land piece, Google Search Liaison Danny Sullivan, said, “Say by middle of next week [i.e., the week commencing August 6], should be fully rolled out.” This response was a result of an SEO asking when the fluctuations in the Google search results would calm down.

So, what’s the algorithm update all about, then? The word on the street (or rather, the Internet) is that it’s quite a significant development. The aim of it, of course, is always to improve the quality of search results provided to people searching the web, and currently, Google is suggesting that webmasters don’t need to make any changes to their website, from a technical perspective.

“Google has said that you should continue to look ways at making your overall website better and provide even better-quality content and experiences to your website visitors.”, according to Search Engine Land.

What does the update mean for you?

The team over at Search Engine Land warn that, as with any update, you may notice drops or gains with your site. Please be aware, though, that there’s nothing wrong with those pages which may not be performing quite as well as usual. They say: “it’s that changes to our systems are benefiting pages that were previously under-rewarded.”

What’s the reason for the update?

As stated on Google’s Search Liaison Twitter feed, the search engine releases broad core algorithm updates several times a year – and that business owners or web masters shouldn’t make any changes to their site. Instead, hang tight while the update is fully introduced, which could take a few more days. After which, you can make any necessary changes to your site that you were planning to make regardless.

Want to keep up with news about the update, as and when it comes in? Bookmark the Twitter link (above) for up-to-the-minute news from the people behind the search engine. Make sure you also ‘Like’ our Facebook page here at The Evergreen Agency; our 60-second video updates may help you when it comes to deciphering Google developments, as well as beneficial changes you can make to your site.


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