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SEO Round-up November 2018

Monthly Round Up

We realise everyone’s saying it at the moment but ‘where has the year gone?!’. It doesn’t seem almost a year ago that we were counting down the seconds until midnight on 2018; we’re sure you share our thoughts?

Anyway, since Christmas and the New Year is mere weeks away, we thought you might all appreciate some of the hints and tips in our usual round-up post. After all, you’re probably planning all manner of festive-themed social media posts, website content or blogs – and you may even be looking to January and the great many incentives and offers you’re rolling out for your clients.

Either way, you should find this regular SEO-related post helpful. In it, we share eight bitesize hints and tips everyone can use within their business. Read on…

YouTube Videos are King

Thanks to the release of Google’s Home Hub, YouTube videos may soon be king – that’s according to this article on Search Engine Land. The post suggests that videos look to be taking precedence for users of the gadget, which gives you some indication as to where to focus your marketing efforts. We’ve always said video is key here at The Evergreen Agency – and it’s the reason we create so many for you to enjoy.

Build Links with Great Content

We’ve popped over to Moz.com now – and we want to share with you this piece. It looks at the art of gaining links from ‘high-authority publishers’ and why you should factor this into your marketing strategy. As we all know, links mean prizes in the SEO world. So, if you don’t know where to begin, offer to guest blog on a site which has good clout online – and go from there.

What’s a ‘Snippet’ and why are they important?

In this post on Yoast.com, Edwin Toonen talks ‘snippets’ – in the SEO sense, at least. But what are they? According to the site, a snippet is ‘a single search result in a set of search results and generally consists of a title, a URL and a description of the page.’ It’s vital each section is filled out correctly, if you’re to enjoy a high level of traffic to your site, so make sure you click the link above to learn more.

Why a Well-thought-out Marketing Strategy is Important Over Christmas

The festive season is well and truly upon us, so now’s the time to consider how you’ll market your products and services to your customers. The Search Engine Watch site highlights the benefits of a well-thought-out strategy during Christmas, saying: “Ecommerce, brick and mortar retail stores, and even B2B businesses can experience unique opportunities by being visible in search at a time when people are actively shopping, researching, and getting caught up on work. “

Make sure you’ve put some thought into your own strategy this Christmas; it isn’t too late to try something new in the hope of pulling in some extra custom.

What exactly is SEO?

Are you completely new to Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)? Then you’ll certainly be able to take a lot from this article on the Ahrefs blog. Around 40 SEO experts share their take on SEO, offering insight into what can seem like a puzzling arena to newbies. Make sure you also keep an eye on our blog here at The Evergreen Agency, since you’ll always find hints, tips and advice on boosting your website – and its ranking.

Are press releases still relevant for SEO in 2018?

We’re almost in 2019, but we imagine this question will still be posed by marketers and business owners well into 2019: are press releases still relevant for SEO? Cognitive SEO delves into that very subject over here, so make sure you pop over and take a look.

Over 25 Ways to Increase Your Web Traffic

If you haven’t already, check out this piece by the Backlinko team. It looks at how you can increase your web traffic via some handy hints. In the article, Brian Dean shows you exactly how you can drive more visitors to your website. He did the same himself, taking his site from zero to 180k+ unique visitors per month. Impressive, eh?

Use Artificial Intelligence to Drive SEO Results

Say what? Yes, really – take a look at this blog on the Search Engine Land site for more details. The piece suggests that machine learning is only as good as the data it is operating on – and “part of what makes a great use case for machine learning is having large amounts of very precise data.” Click the link above to wade further into this very fascinating subject.

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