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SEO Round-up October 2018

Monthly Round Up

So, it’s been a while since we posted one of our monthly updates. The reason? We’ve been busier than ever here at the agency – and all our time’s been spent helping our clients achieve the growth they deserve online.

But we’re thrilled to say our monthly updates are back – and today on the blog we’ll be looking at what’s happened in the world of SEO over the last few weeks. We’re breaking the updates and news up into eight key points, to ensure it’s easy to digest. Read on…

1. Your Basic SEO Audit

Own a small business? Here’s a basic SEO audit you can make the most of; you’ll find it over on the Search Engine Land site. It’s ideal if you feel your site could benefit from an early spring clean, so make sure you head to the site to check it out. Let us know if you put any of the tips into action.

2. Make the Most of Internal Linking

We’re heading over to Search Engine Watch now, since the blog is always packed to the rafters with useful SEO knowledge. This post is no exception. It features details on how you can make the most of internal linking when it comes to boosting the visibility of your site. Simple tips and tricks we can all get on board with, don’t you agree?

3…. and Here’s Something to Avoid!

No one wants to get a Google Link Penalty, so make sure you learn all there is to know about how to avoid them. Again, Search Engine Watch has all the info you need, including info on low-quality link penalties and more. Sure, there’s lots of SEO jargon to learn – but it’ll be worth it.

4. Ever wondered how to stay unique?

If you’ve started blogging for your site, a big pat on the back to you – and in a non-patronising way, of course. We know how hard it is to find time to blog for your business, but it really will put you ahead of your competition if you continue to do so. How do you stay unique, though? The Yoast.com blog has all the info, in its informative piece by Caroline Geven. It’s all about defining your personal brand, first and foremost; head over to the Yoast site for more.

5. How to Get Your Listing to the Top of Google My Business

Are you making the most of the features on Google My Business? They’re all free! If you are but you’re wondering how you can get to the top, make sure you have a good read of this post. Live on the CognitiveSEO site, it delves into some of the dos and don’ts of using the platform for your brand – don’t miss it.

6. Want to get more website traffic – and fast?

Of course you do! Neil Patel shares with you one simple hack that’ll bring more traffic to your website. He talks about a free tool called Subscribers, which will notify your web visitors when you put a new blog or update live. Sounds simple – and it is. Give it a go and let us know if it works for you. The best part about it? Installing it is easy; it’s free to sign up and you just upload to your site the JavaScript that Subscribers provides.

7. Stuck for Inspiration? Content Marketing Ideas You’ll Love…

No matter how ‘on it’ we are most days, we can all experience a lull in motivation – or worse, still – inspiration. So, what do you do? Check out this Search Engine Journal piece, which has all the knowhow you need to help you come up with engaging content that you – and your audience – will love. Offering 17 sources of inspiration when writer’s (or thinker’s) block strikes, the piece will haul you out of the Land of No Ideas when you need it most. You can thank us later.

8. How to Do Email Marketing Effectively

So, this post was published in August…but since we haven’t written one of our round-ups in a while, we figured you wouldn’t mind. Featured on SEO.com, it talks us all through the importance of email marketing for your brand – and how you can ensure you’re doing it more effectively. Focus on ‘making a specific offer’ to your audience – and ‘in the right way’, says the writer behind this piece. What are your top tips for great email newsletters?

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