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Stuck for content ideas for your blog? Here’s 8 to get you started

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If you’re a business owner, you’ll probably be short of time. Hey, we get it – so are we. But if you’d like to keep growing – and what business owner doesn’t? – there are ways you can step up your marketing efforts to ensure you don’t just grow but soar.

Ready to hear more? Of course you are!

So, you’ll be well aware that social media and blogging is key in this day and age – particularly if you want to boost your brand online. There’s no use burying your head in the sand, then; we’re afraid to tell you that social media is here to stay – and it’ll probably only get more prominent. So, the key is to go all-in and really go for it! If you’re going to do social media at all, do it properly – and blogging is the first place to start.

A lot of our clients here at The Evergreen Agency tell us they haven’t written any blogs because they ‘don’t know what to blog about’. But it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in – whether you’re selling pens or penicillin – everyone can think of some ideas their audience will be interested in. And that’s really where the blogging bug starts: a spot of market research.

You could also do some keyword research while you’re at it, which will help you determine what potential customers are searching for – and more importantly, how you can answer their call with your products and/or services.

To help you get started, here are eight ideas for your next blog.

  1. Publish a Freebie

Who doesn’t enjoy a little freebie? The answer is ‘nobody!’ Everybody relishes the chance to receive something for absolutely nothing, so think about ways you can incentivise people to read your blog by offering up something for free on a semi-regular basis.

The freebie doesn’t have to be a ‘physical’ item; instead, it can be a downloadable guide that’ll pique your customers’ interest and have the added benefit of encouraging sign-ups to your email newsletter, for example.

So, say you’re in the DIY trade. You might be a joiner or even a plumber. Let’s go with the latter. Ask yourself this: ‘as a potential customer of a plumber, what might I be looking for?’ We’d say it’d be something like: ‘how can I unblock a toilet without spending any money?’

So, why not offer said guide, but make it so that customers can’t get access to it unless they either visit your blog, subscribe or sign up to your newsletter. You’re adding value to your customers’ lives and growing your email list – it’s win, win!

  1. Go ‘Behind the Scenes’

People may well be surprised by what goes on in, say, a cake factory, a mechanic’s garage, or even a leisure centre. So, why not give them a glimpse of your day with a photo or video diary posted on your blog? Make the information as customer-focused as possible, too.

So, if you work in a leisure centre, show people around on video while also letting them in on the details they might like to know. Things like: ‘how big is the pool?’, ‘what family-friendly classes do you offer?’.

They can watch the video while they’re having their morning brew and they may well be more likely to visit your premises as a result! Always ensure your blogs entertain and inform and you’ll be onto a winner.

  1. Collaborate with Another Brand

The easiest way to earn links to your blog – and in turn, get more people reading said blog – is to collaborate with another brand. Choose someone who complements what you do, but who isn’t a direct competitor, and see if they might be keen to team up.

You could start a new blog series or something. If, for example, you’re both in the handmade industry, you could set up a series called ‘Handmade Heroes’ and interview one another – or others in your arena – on your blogs.

  1. Share a Customer Story

Have you recently received a nice testimonial from a customer – and one that could easily make a spot of PR for your brand? Seek permission from the customer and use it on your blog.

Perhaps your fitness aid helped them lose 10 pounds, or maybe as a result of watching your how-to toilet unblocking video they were inspired to learn to be a plumber. Either way, those kinds of stories all make great – and hugely entertaining – blogs for people to read.

  1. Put Together a ‘How To’ Guide (this is our favourite way)

We’ve already talked about publishing a freebie – a guide for example. But what about putting together a lengthy how-to guide, which you can simply offer on your blog itself? You don’t always need to encourage people to sign up to a mailing list via a freebie. Instead, you can offer informative content anyway, which is bound to ensure visitors return to your site.

  1. Film a Video

So, we’ve mentioned a ‘Behind the Scenes’ look at your premises, but how about filming a vlog-style video, too? You could publish these on your website and via your social media pages to give people a rare glimpse of your life in or outside work.

We’re not suggesting you share what you’ve had for breakfast, but top tips that will genuinely help your audience will always go down a treat.

  1. Make Your Customers’ Lives Easier

Can you make your customers’ lives easier with the products or services you sell? If so, make sure you tap into that notion!

Put together a blog post that details how they can perhaps claw back some much-needed time by using your product, or even enjoy a less stressful life. Whatever the benefit of your product, make sure you find a way to shout about it without being overly salesy.

This is a great time to introduce customer photos, testimonials and insights – and you could even ask them to send you videos of them using said product. You can then publish these online, so long as they’re okay with that.

  1. Get Your Audience Involved

So, your customers will now know plenty about you and the way you work. But is there a way you can get them involved? Perhaps share a weekly ‘Caption Competition’ on your blog or ask for ideas for product names for a new collection you’re launching.

People love to feel involved, so think of ways you can include them in everything you’re doing.

What did you make of these blog post ideas? Which one will you be trying first? Let us know by saying hello over here.


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