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Why a catchy blog title will always grab your customers’ attention

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Think about the last blog post you read; what was it about that article that made you click on it? It may have been that it was accompanied by an eye-catching image. Or perhaps it was simply written by someone whose articles you read – and enjoy – often.

Or maybe it was the subject line that drew you in? In fact, we’d like to put a few quid on it being the latter. After all, who wants to read a blog post with an achingly boring title? No one, that’s who.

So, you’ve clicked on this blog because you’d like to know the secrets behind hooking your readers with an intriguing blog title – and how said readers may just turn into customers as a result. So, we’re here to explain exactly why a great blog title will always bring more traffic to your website.

It Offers Intrigue

A great blog post title always offers a certain level of intrigue. Whether you click on it because you’d like to know the answer to a specific problem, or it leaves you wondering ‘what’s going to happen next’ (like in some of the fun and frank articles you see on viral sites like Bored Panda), it’s done its job of reeling you in. And contrary to popular belief, blogging well isn’t simply about blogging often. Gone are the days when Google would favour your site for offering up frequent content. Now, you have to work harder – and supply the kind of pieces people really want to read.

It Entertains

If the subject line has you feeling entertained before you even click on the blog itself, you’re onto a winner with your content! So, consider ways you can appeal to people’s fun side. There’s a lot of dull content online these days, so it’s always nice to provide something informative and entertaining.

It Educates

At The Evergreen Agency, many of our clients have seen considerable business growth since we partnered with them on a dedicated content marketing strategy. One particular client – a London-based drainage company – were keen to receive more bookings for projects in the capital, so we devised a plan that would bring new customers to his site. Some might say it’s counterproductive, but by offering good, authoritative advice on how people can unblock their drains from home – and for free – we’ve boosted his traffic (and his business) dramatically. This kind of content provides twice the benefits; not only does it position our client as an authority in his field, but it ensures that once people have tried and possibly failed to unblock their drains (while some jobs can be carried out yourself, others will need a professional), they’ll know who to turn to.

It Offers Something New

So, we aren’t called The Evergreen Agency for nothing! We’re all about evergreen content here at our Oxford-based agency – and it’s because it works. Not sure what evergreen content is? The Balance Careers have plenty of info here, but in short, it’s good, fresh content that’s always relevant. After all, if your customers have ‘seen it all before’, why would they keep coming back to your site? Provide something useful; share helpful tips and advice and always leave your reader – and your customer – thinking: I’m really glad I read that.

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