Launching: Evergreen Masterclasses

By Aaron Rudman-Hawkins
May 10, 2022

Today we are officially launching Evergreen Masterclasses in order to help businesses through one of the most economically challenging times we’ve had in many years.

We all know the cost of living is spiraling, goods and services are increasingly difficult to source and the supply chain is seeing huge delays owing to world events.

Here in the UK, we’re also seeing seasonal trends delayed and consumer buying habits change radically as people try to save money and all the while, talk of a recession next year is looming large.

We wanted to do something to help.

These FREE mastery sessions will provide businesses with the strategic digital marketing expertise they will need to weather the storm that is coming (or already here for some sectors).

Believe me, it has NEVER been more important to have your digital marketing ducks in a row. The online world was a VERY different place the last time we had a recession in 2008-09. I can almost guarantee your business didn’t have anywhere near as much of a reliance on digital marketing back then as it does now.

You need to be ready, so you can prosper while your competitors may struggle.

Now, we can’t help everyone, because we’re not experts in every industry.

But we can help those businesses in the sectors we know best, which are:

  • Retail & ecommerce
  • Hospitality & leisure
  • Home improvements
  • Health & social care
  • Professional services

Over the past 15+ years that I have worked in digital marketing, I have found myself working primarily in these five UK sectors.

In the past eight years since I launched Evergreen we have continued to partner with businesses in these same five sectors, gaining vast experience, expertise and insights into how those businesses get the most from digital marketing.

So, if this is you/your business, keep reading and request your seat now.

Or if someone you know could benefit, please let them know about these masterclasses.

These Evergreen Masterclasses are being hosted over the next few months. Some are being held at our offices in our ‘Snazzy Boardroom’ in Oxfordshire, while others are online only so they can be accessible to businesses across the UK.

Each Masterclass will include two learning sessions:

✅ Digital marketing strategy

✅ Digital marketing implementation

We’ll be covering SEO, content marketing and paid media.

The masterclasses are the first part of how we’re going to help these businesses future-proof themselves, despite what 2022 and 2023 may throw at them…

We are also working on industry-specific mastery whitepapers that will be given to every business that attends our masterclasses.

After 15+ years digital marketing experience with eight of those years running Evergreen always in the same sectors, I am now going to share those insights and help 60+ businesses over the next few months.

For more information, to see the available dates and request your seat at one of our Evergreen masterclasses, see here.

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