What will go down in the Digital PR industry this year?

By Amber Buonsenso
January 13, 2022

What will happen in the fast-moving digital PR industry this year? – Here are a couple of The Evergreen Agency’s digital PR predictions for 2022.

Every PR can relate when we say that no two days are ever the same when you work in digital PR! With the news cycle forever changing and new and exciting ways to leverage links unfolding every day, we are all wondering what the future holds in 2022!

Looking back at how digital PR tactics and campaigns evolved in 2021, The Evergreen Agency’s digital PR team has compiled their thoughts and highlights from last year and would like to share their digital PR predictions for 2022. Here’s what we think is in store for the digital PR industry this year:

Reactive PR dominates

Over the past year, we have seen great concepts and coverage created off the back of fresh emerging news stories, (the Bernie Sanders Ikea ad instantly springs to mind) and reactive PR shows no signs of slowing down. Many digital PR teams have discovered that jumping on hot topics the minute it hits the news can sometimes be more effective than whole campaigns and takes a fraction of the time! The fast turnaround and quick working pace definitely prove worthwhile and we have seen this from the great reactive PR examples in the industry this year!

Increasingly challenging to get journalists to link

We all know the feeling of frustration that comes over us when a journalist hasn’t linked to your client in an article!  A frequent reason we heard from journalists that hadn’t linked in articles last year, many from national publications was “we don’t link, it is the publication’s guidelines”… so are more publications closing the doors to external links moving forward? We think that soon, journalists will only link to campaigns with the most valuable assets calculators, competition or interactive assets.

More unique data collection methods

Similar to our second point, we think that digital PR campaigns in 2022 will be taken to a whole new level of creativity and uniqueness, especially in data-led campaigns. There are numerous ‘most Instagrammed’ and ‘most searched’ campaigns out there and journalists will be wanting to see something different in their email inboxes, and we think that this is the year we will see a higher amount of ‘out of the box’ campaigns as opposed to campaigns that have worked before.

We look forward to seeing how digital PR evolves this year and the exciting campaigns produced in the industry. If you’re interested in introducing digital PR to your business, you can find out more here.

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