Filming on location for your brand is easier than you think!

Last updated: May 13, 2024

Darren Martin

Darren Martin is passionate about crafting compelling visual narratives that captivate audiences and deliver results, using his skills in storytelling, content creation, videography, and problem-solving to drive him.

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Going out on location to film video content for your brand may seem intimidating if you’ve never done it before. You might think it requires extensive equipment, crew, lighting rigs and a huge production.

However, we’re here to reassure you that creating authentic on-location video can actually be quite easy and inexpensive.

The benefits of filming on location

There’s nothing quite like getting out on location to capture unique, customised footage for your brand’s video marketing. While stock footage can work in some cases, filming your own on-location shots allows you to get extremely specific content tailored to your business. It adds an engaging authenticity that resonates with today’s viewers who crave that raw, unpolished look and feel.

You don’t need much equipment

For this mobile filming session, we traveled extremely light with just a small camera, some lavalier mics and…that’s it! No lighting rigs, no multiple camera setup. The overcast sky provided perfect soft, diffused natural lighting. A smartphone camera alone can work extremely well too.

The minimal equipment keeps things simple and allows you to be nimble, capturing spontaneous moments and getting creative with your shots. Don’t be afraid to experiment with up-close details, transitional sequences and other artistic touches.

Find your rhythm

One of the biggest hurdles when starting out with video is just getting comfortable on camera and developing your own style. It takes some practice to settle into your groove. We had to film several early versions of Tea Talks before we found our rhythm and formula.

Don’t worry about being overly polished and perfect at first. Actually, modern audiences connect more with an authentic, unscripted look. Let your videos be a work in progress as you get experience and define your brand’s video personality over time.

Just start capturing

The main piece of advice is simply to start filming! Don’t get paralysed over-planning every last detail. Having a general plan is helpful, but also be open to capturing unscripted moments inspired by actually being on location.

You’ll start getting creative video ideas and finding your style simply by getting out and doing it. Brands hesitate thinking video has to be this whole involved production. But as this car edition shows, it really doesn’t! With just your smartphone and an adventurous spirit, you can easily start creating engaging, cost-effective video marketing content.

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