Paid Search (PPC)

Paid Search gets your products or services in front of your target audience right away.

Our Oxfordshire team has years of experience in finding, engaging and converting your target audience. We fine tune even the most established campaigns to maximise conversions; be that through enquiries, leads or sales, all while keeping the overall spend well within your budget.

Paid Search (PPC) is not simply about the number of clicks or impressions received, we delve much deeper and look at key factors such as the user journey, pages with a high bounce rate, bottle neck pages and identify any and all areas for improvement across a campaign. By combining our expert keyword strategies, split testing and applying changes, we see campaigns improving month-on-month to the delight of our Paid Search clients!

Find out about our team, see our recent client work or simply get in touch to discuss how we can improve your SEO.

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