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Meet the team: a friendly, dedicated approach to Digital Marketing

Our expertise is in helping small and medium sized businesses increase their online visibility and brand awareness. Nowadays there are many digital marketing options available to business owners and it can be confusing and difficult to decide which route is best to take.

We listen to you and your business goals and then help you decide whether an organic search campaign or paid search campaign is best for your business. We also help you make informed decisions regarding Facebook advertising, retargeting and all other applicable aspects of digital marketing.

Our client portfolio has a wide variety of clients and industries and not just in the UK but across the world. All the digital marketing campaigns we undertake are built around quality, relevance and awareness. Our MD Aaron Rudman-Hawkins started The Evergreen Agency as he had a passion for providing digital marketing in an honest, transparent and ethical way with a little fun thrown in for good measure.

If you’re a small to medium sized business and want straight-talking digital marketing advice and assistance that gets results from an agency who are based in Oxfordshire then The Evergreen Agency is for you. Get in touch.








We love ‘gubbins’ here at Evergreen, or as my wife calls it ‘creative ephemera‘ and have filled our office with lots of greenery, wall art, wooden pineapples and all sorts. Among the gubbins we have half a dozen desks, a relaxing seating area and separate studio for recording our videos.

"When we first opened, we were nowhere on the map in terms of Google rankings. A friend recommended Aaron and he has been doing an amazing job for us ever since. He is exceptionally committed and knowledgeable and he managed to get us to the first spot for the our key offering within a couple of months. It is an absolute pleasure to work with Aaron and I can’t recommend him enough for any business that wants to increase its visibility.”

Helena Sain - Samsara Mind and Body, London / Samsara Mind and Body, London

"After being burned by a couple of SEO’s in the past I was pretty hesitant about trying a third. Looks like the third time was the charm as The Evergreen Agency has excelled in providing an honest service that gets results. I particularly like how they take the time to explain the plan they have for my website and how they will get results."

Jess Miller – Parent Guide, Australia / Parent Guide, Australia

"I have found Aaron of The Evergreen Agency to be extremely knowledgeable on all aspects of keyword strategy and content marketing. He keeps on top of the ever changing landscape that is online promotion and has helped The Workplace Depot improve results in a number of difficult sectors. I would have no difficulty in recommending Aaron to any company that wants to enhance their brand and generate more online sales."

Richard Bloomfield – The Workplace Depot, UK Nationwide / The Workplace Depot, UK Nationwide

"After having worked with The Evergreen Agency for several months now I can say dealing with Aaron is very easy and nothing seems to be too much effort for him."

Andrew Jewell – Andrew Jewell Photography, Somerset / Andrew Jewell Photography, Somerset

"I have been working with Aaron at The Evergreen Agency on a number of SEO and PPC campaigns over the last 9 months, with outstanding results that my clients are very pleased with. We have a great working relationship as he has many years’ experience and is very knowledgeable in this specialised field."

Nicola Austin – J2 Creative Agency, Hertfordshire / J2 Creative Agency, Hertfordshire

"We appointed The Evergreen Agency to advise Little Bou on the SEO strategy for a high-end fashion and lifestyle boutique for boys. I am impressed by the quality of the advice provided, Aaron’s commitment and enthusiasm throughout."

Sacira Coric – Little Bou, UK Nationwide / Little Bou, UK Nationwide