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The Grand Theatre Blackpool

Putting a leading theatre front of mind and communicating change effectively through targeted SEO, Content Marketing and Paid Media

Evergreen Retail

Blackpool Grand Theatre first contacted Evergreen in early 2020, with a simple desire to increase the number of website users and bookings online. We were tasked with improving and building on their existing website’s visibility and authority as a leader in the Blackpool entertainment sector.

The Problem

Despite its established industry, local, and national presence and reputation, Blackpool Grand Theatre – like all retail and hospitality businesses – took a dent during the Covid-19 pandemic. While we were determined not to dwell on the events of the year, we did  however need to get people excited about going back to the theatre and let people know that it was safely open for business again to attract a wave of visitors and bookings.

The Solution

To capture the audience (no pun intended!), and educate them on shows and safety measures, we gave Blackpool Grand Theatre the full Evergreen Retail treatment; an encompassing range of SEO, PR, PPC and Content services.

On a PPC front, we ran dedicated display campaigns – and a YouTube campaign – to let people know they can go back with confidence as well as display for individual shows. It was important for search to keep the website up to date, and the content reflective of concerns and search queries so customers’ questions were answered. As a trust-building exercise too, we ran a ‘Future of Theatre’ PR campaign to build trust and brand profile in the press on what the return to theatres may look like and how safe they will be.

We absolutely love working with Evergreen, they have helped us through an incredibly tough 18 months and I do not know what we would have done without their support. We highly recommend The Evergreen Agency for your digital marketing requirements.
Andrew Howard, Marketing Manager, The Grand Theatre Blackpool

The Outcome

Blackpool Grand Theatre is thriving post-lockdown with 77,000+ new website users. Since working together it has maintained healthy visibility and growth before, during and after the pandemic with a 51% increase in organic traffic year on year, and a six fold increase in revenue and bookings year to date.

On a PPC results front, the theatre has experienced a huge increase in impressions and brand awareness from letting the public know that the Grand is back and operating and that people are now able to go and see the shows they have loved and missed, with a 371% increase in transactions.

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