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Surfs up with a 158% increase in paid revenue for Black Friday

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Established in 1988 by two brothers with a shared love for surfing, Saltrock are the UK’s leading fashion and surf-wear brand, who dominate the Devon and Cornwall surf scene. They came to Evergreen in August 2023 with the desire to take their Paid Media activity to the next level, starting with the upcoming Black Friday sale.

The Problem

Despite being one of the most renowned clothing brands in the UK, Saltrock couldn’t rely on this level of brand awareness to see them through, particularly when it came to peak trading periods such as Black Friday.

The brand was going up against a wave of competitors (excuse the pun) in an incredibly saturated market therefore, we knew we needed to provide Saltrock with a Paid Media game plan.

The Solution

We kickstarted our campaign build with a thorough analysis of both prior search trends and Saltrock’s previous Black Friday campaign in 2022. This was crucial for knowing how we could up the anti when it came to the 2023 campaign.

For Paid Search (Google Ads), we constructed a campaign structure made up of Search ads and Performance Max. The branded Search campaigns became incredibly useful and provided valuable re-marketing data that we absolutely made the most of. The Performance Max campaigns focused in on specific product categories which we knew would draw attention and garner high volumes of search.

For Paid Social (Meta), we focused in on two campaigns, one being a Black Friday Story and the other being a catalogue campaign. By reassessing product availability and popularity, we made sure Saltrock were promoting exactly, what there target customers were after.

Once the results started flowing, that’s when our Paid Media team really kicked things into gear, doubling down on optimisation across both platforms. We had a short window of opportunity to help Saltrock make the most of this peak trading period, and we weren’t going to let anything slip through the net!

The Outcome

Our team’s holistic approach to the Black Friday campaign allowed Saltrock to maximise market signals and meet the forever growing demand for Black Friday offers. As a result, the team managed to achieve a 4.7 ROAS, helping to add a staggering 32% to Saltrock’s monthly sales target.

Year on year, we managed to help Saltrock achieve a 158% increase in paid revenue across the Black Friday period, with a 214% increase in conversions.

“We’ve been working brilliantly with the Evergreen team since 2023. Both the Paid and SEO teams bring energy and new ideas which really help to elevate our marketing campaigns. We’re in good hands and they’re all a pleasure to work with.”

Kate Holt, Head of Ecommerce, Saltrock

The 2023 Black Friday sale was a fantastic way to kickstart our partnership with Saltrock. If you’re an ecommerce brand looking to make the most of similar peak sales periods, get in touch today and let’s chat!

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