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Origin Coffee, a leading UK provider of speciality coffee from ethical distributors and producers from around the world, approached us with the goal of increasing ROI from their paid media budget. We knew we needed to work our Evergreen magic to come up with a new strategy that would take their paid search and paid social marketing to the next level.

The Problem

The main challenges Origin were facing, consisted of a huge mismatch in data attribution from recently upgraded Performance Max campaigns, as well as lacking a clear strategy for reaching new subscription customers and introducing them to the brand, as well as their inability to scale their revenue.

By fixing their conversion tracking with fresh GA4 implementation, and disabling brand search capabilities on the Performance Max campaigns, it became clear that the only thing that had ever worked was brand search, and as a result, was the only source of paid traffic keeping the account profitable.

We knew our Paid Media team needed to quickly get to work on resolving these issues, to enable Origin Coffee to achieve the growth targets they’d set in place for 2023.

The Solution

Upon identifying that subscribers returned a far higher lifetime value than a customer making a one time purchase of a non-subscription product, we decided to build the campaign around generating subscribers for a set target CPA; a fully scalable, automated paid media campaign that had clear data to inform decision making moving forward.

Standard shopping and search campaigns were implemented, as well as highly specific dynamic retargeting ads that would speak to warm users interested in Origin’s coffee subscriptions.

As we started scaling and Google began putting stronger emphasis on Performance Max campaigns, we elevated Performance Max campaigns across the board to not only drive online sales of pre-defined product categories, but also to promote and generate subscriptions. We soon noticed that PMax was a perfect vehicle to deliver really compelling advertising by combining creativity with functionality.

Performance Max campaigns enabled us to create visually compelling ads that were then split into asset groups based on audience and interest which helped us to promote coffee equipment, coffee blends and subscriptions. We have also created an opportunity to cater for multiple ad delivery methods and to assert a better control over Product Feeds and remarketing.

The Outcome

Not only do Origin Coffee now have a clean set up of data attribution that can now be clearly analysed to make proper decisions moving forward and a robust Google Ads strategy. Our original brief was to increase their revenue from Google Ads by 20% in a 12 months period.

We saw their 20% revenue increase target and raised to 30% YoY in only 9 months.

“Evergreen has been instrumental in forming our business growth strategy for 2023-2024, identifying and analysing areas in which our business has scope to grow and expand. Their charismatic and friendly manner has been commented on by our entire team. They often go above and beyond to help support and teach our team with their analytical and logical mindset. We look forward to every meeting with them.”

Scarlett Greenall​, Digital & Performance Marketing Manager

Our focus on increasing subscription orders has also been a huge success for the brand by providing a recurring revenue stream that allows for continued growth. Across their entire collection of subscriptions available, we delivered a whopping 195% increase in subscribers.

Additionally, in the process we helped the client to increase their market share by outranking some of their direct competitors. Chiefly Rave, Pact Coffee and Grind by 6.24%, 5.50% and 6.44% respectively, with the Top of page rate of 81.31% which proves how sustainable and scalable the campaign is.

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