Why home, garden and lifestyle brands need to hop on the TikTok train

Last updated: May 1, 2024

Konrad Frankowski

Konrad 'Kon' Frankowski is the Head of Paid Media at The Evergreen Agency specialising in strategic growth, performance marketing and commercial leadership.

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Short-form video content is taking the marketing world by storm, and TikTok is leading the charge. What started as an entertainment app for dancing teenagers has quickly evolved into a powerful platform that savvy brands can’t afford to ignore.

In this edition of T.E.A Talks, our social media experts break down why TikTok deserves a place in your marketing mix, especially if you’re in the home, garden, or lifestyle space.

Here are the key reasons to join the TikTok revolution:

Unbeatable Brand Visibility

With over 1 billion active users spending an average of 52 minutes daily on the app, TikTok offers home/garden brands staggering visibility. As our Paid Media Director, Kon explains, “The first 200 views are being shown globally. If you get thousands of views in a day or so, you’ve started doing something right.”

This free cross-promotion to TikTok’s massive audience is a massive opportunity for brands to get discovered by effortlessly going viral with creative, engaging content.

Content That Resonates

While a polished, professional look works on Instagram, TikTok users crave authenticity and a casual, relatable vibe. The most successful home/garden content leans into:

  • DIY Tutorials & How-To Videos
  • Product Unboxings & Demonstrations
  • Time-Lapses & Transformations
  • Behind-the-Scenes/Company Culture

“The intent is to showcase, learn, be entertained, and invoke emotion,” notes Kon. “You elevate yourself from a random person with a phone to a content creator.”

Creative Freedom & Experimentation

Because TikTok has a relatively blank slate for brands, there’s low risk and plenty of upside to experimenting. Our advice? Dive in without over-analyzing by posting casual, behind-the-scenes snippets of your products, people, and processes.

One of our lifestyle brand clients effortlessly went viral simply by showing how to use one of their tools creatively and engagingly. They enjoyed a surge of free exposure and interest from that single video.

Organic and Paid Avenues

While going viral with your organic (free) TikTok content is the holy grail, the platform offers multiple avenues to monetise your presence:

  • TikTok Shop – An embedded e-commerce experience to drive direct sales
  • TikTok Ads – Paid advertising to boost the reach of top-performing organic posts
  • Influencer Marketing – Partnering with TikTok creators for sponsored content

As our experts note,

“You can buddy up with influencers to review or promote your products to instantly tap into niche communities.”

The TikTok train is accelerating with incredible momentum. While the app’s evolution introduces new monetization opportunities daily, one thing is certain – home, garden, and lifestyle brands need a TikTok strategy to stay relevant and digitally connected to their audiences.

At The Evergreen Agency, we’re admittedly still early in our TikTok journey ourselves. But we’re actively experimenting and have seen promising initial results from clients who embraced the platform’s quirky, authentic personality. We’re bullish on TikTok’s future and looking forward to pushing the boundaries further.

If you’re a brand hesitant about TikTok, take our advice: Don’t overthink it. Download the app, start using it to understand the vibe, and begin testing out some casual behind-the-scenes videos. The path to your first viral moment may surprise you!


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