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Learn SEO and Grow Your Business in 2019


The Evergreen Agency’s SEO training course teaches you everything you need to know about SEO to grow your small business online in 2019.

28 step-by-step video lessons guide you through the entire SEO journey from researching keywords and auditing your website through to content marketing and promotion.

SEO is ever-evolving with new updates and changes happening all the time. For this reason our SEO training course focuses on the core-principals as defined in Google’s best practice guidelines as these have not changed in 15+ years and aren’t going to anytime soon.

This SEO training material was created for small business owners, start-ups and marketers who want to learn the SEO basics and improve their online visibility.

With over 10 hours of video footage and over a dozen worksheets and downloads we are positive you will find this SEO training guide useful in growing your business.


This training material was originally produced under the name of “The Evergreen Academy”, a sister-venture to our SEO Agency with this training material packaged up as a paid for course that came with real-time support and assistance for small businesses, start-ups and marketers alike.

We decided to release this material for free for everyone under The Evergreen Agency name & website.

The content remains up to date and as valuable for anyone wanting to learn SEO as it was the day it was first released.

In addition to the 28 training videos, you have a variety of worksheets and downloads all available in a public Dropbox file here.

We hope you find lots of value in this training material – it took us over 6 months to write, film, edit and produce and we still use it for both client and staff training within our agency.

How to use this SEO training course…

There are five modules plus bonus material, a total of 28 lessons. You can watch the lessons and learn in whichever way you wish by clicking on the lesson links below.

We recommend starting from Module One as this covers the basics and ensures you have a solid foundation on which to improve your SEO.

Below is a brief synopsis of what each training module covers so you can decide, which is most relevant to you.

Module One – The foundations of SEO

In this first module we cover all the basics. We look at how to do keyword research, how to optimise and improve the performance of your website and how to check all the vital components of your website and even give it a health-check. This is the place to start your training

Module Two – Google Services & More

The second Module we turn our focus to Google’s various services. We guide you through the set up and verification of some incredibly useful/powerful free tools, which will help your business gain almost instant visibility online.

Module Three – Content Marketing

One of the most important factors in successful SEO, the content marketing module contains a wealth of invaluable tips and techniques that you can watch, learn and deploy for your small business to gain incredible results. It’s worked for our agency clients for years and can for you too.

Module Four – Links & Promotion

Getting other websites to mention, talk about and link to your business (and website) is key to increasing your visibility online. But how do you do it exactly? Well, that is what Module 4 is entirely focused on with some great lessons.

Module Five – Using Google to analyse SEO performance

If you’re confused by Google Analytics or have no idea what Google’s Search Console is about then Module 5 is for you. These 4 lessons will teach you all the basics and some advanced insights so you can take ownership and know all the key data that is relevant to your business website.

Bonus Material – Bonus SEO tips

The bonus material features a selection of more advanced lessons teaching a range of topics for gaining even more visibility for your website. From site speed improving to the best plugins and how to do competitor research, we’ve got it all covered.

SEO Training Modules

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