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The Cocktail Society

From launch to £250k+ in sales during the first 6 months of trading and ranking for 20+ highly competitive keywords on Google’s first page.

SEO & Content Marketing

As a newly launched cocktail subscription service, our task was to successfully launch The Cocktail Society and build it some much needed online visibility and authority to compete within a competitive new industry.

The Problem

Although experienced with their sub-brand The Cocktail Service, The Cocktail Society was an entirely new field of business for our client as they entered the realm of ecommerce. In the midst of the pandemic, our client needed to achieve rapid growth and success within this new venture,  in order to sustain both brands long term.

However, they were branching out into a completely new market that was highly saturated with similar services. Their website needed to launch with strong visibility and authority in order to compete with their established competitors.

The Solution

To really give this venture the push it needed, we worked closely with the client to establish a range of cocktail gifts, bottled cocktails and a cocktail subscription offering. Having already worked with the client very successfully on their existing business, The Cocktail Service, they understood the power of utilising search data to form a solid digital marketing strategy that would ensure success and growth online.

Our SEO team took the expertise and industry knowledge of the client and coupled it with data and insights from competitor research and analysis to create an ecommerce offering that would appeal directly to their target customers. At the same time, our content team worked closely with the client’s team of experts to create a strategy built around topic clusters relevant to the new products, complete with DIY cocktail recipes and follow-along videos.

Alongside the content marketing strategy and competitor research, we focused efforts on ensuring the website was technically sound and enhancing its online authority with some outreach, link building and content amplification.

The digital marketing campaign was supplemented by highly targeted paid media campaigns run by our paid media team in conjunction with the SEO and content marketing departments.

“The Evergreen Agency were hired to look after our SEO requirements for our start-up cocktail subscription and ecommerce site which launched in June. They do a fantastic job for us and the results speak for themselves.


Evergreen are the complete agency and I’m really pleased that I secured their services for this critical launch phase of the business.


They are a pleasure to work with and continually exceed our expectations, outperforming our paid search agency in terms of attributed revenue.


As we are unfunded, the marketing budget is tight, but the Evergreen Agency was the first piece of signed off spend, and it has paid dividends to us as we now dominate organic search for our niche and all within six months.”

Tom Bronock – Director, The Cocktail Society

The Outcome

The Cocktail Society is now in an incredibly strong position, displaying significant growth over the past six to nine months. This new brand now ranks on Google’s first page for all of the industry’s most competitive terms and has seen revenues grow significantly in the first few months since its launch.

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