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The Live In Care Company

Delivering a 5-fold increase in company turnover in 18 months by focusing on best-on-the-web content for this national social care provider.

Content Marketing

The Live in Care Company came to Evergreen with a wealth of knowledge about their industry and a desire to share this with others to grow their business. We were tasked with launching their new website and significantly increasing the online leads and enquiries being generated.

The Problem

Positioned within a niche industry where customers seek trustworthy and informative businesses from their search, The Live In Care Company was massively restricted. With a low domain rating and a lack of informative resources on their website, the company was falling short of the mark compared to its competitors and failing to communicate its suitability for the services of live in care.

We needed to ensure The Live in Care Company had a website that contained a wealth of useful and educational content around the topic of live in care and related services. This client had some hugely authoritative competitors and we knew only the best content would do to stand a chance of competing.

Having recently rebranded, the domain itself lacked any credibility which meant that we would need to establish this new online business from scratch and build its authority via targeted outreach, fantastic creative and expert content amplification.

We knew building The Live in Care Company into an authority online was a tall order, but we never shy away from a challenge.

The Solution

We knew we could not stand toe-to-toe with the most established competitors from day one and so optimised the website around less competitive keywords. We researched and analysed the competitors’ content to find topics that were outdated and ones where the client felt they could add more value than the competition. Working smart at every step of the process is the only way to approach digital marketing when you have hugely authoritative competitors.

One of the key content pieces created fairly early into their campaign was a whitepaper called ‘What is Live in Care?’, this best-on-the-web content piece was purposefully created to leapfrog the existing top-ranking content. At 7,000+ words and featuring a variety of videos produced by Evergreen in conjunction with the client, we produced a resource that genuinely deserves to rank highly in Google, as it answers any questions someone might have when considering live in care for a loved one or relative.

“Since we started working with The Evergreen Agency, we have made significant strides on both our paid and unpaid search. This has been instrumental in achieving our growth aims, and I look forward to the next stage and what we can achieve together.”
Luca Rado – Director, The Live in Care Company

The Outcome

This client has seen a year-on-year increase of 945% in online enquiries, from 70 in 2020 to 732 in 2021 and still growing fast. They have gone from an average of three enquiries per week to 30+ leads per week at the start of 2022.

We have seen a 456% increase in users visiting the website, finding value in the content and requesting a call back from the team at The Live in Care Company.

This campaign is a shining example of how having a content-first approach to digital marketing and focusing on adding value for your target audience is the best way to drive online growth and propel your business forward.

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