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The Rooflight Company

Defining a clear digital marketing strategy has helped this leading home improvement company drive over 100,000 users to their website in under 12 months.


The Rooflight Company provides high-quality rooflights designed to maximise natural light within people’s homes and commercial spaces. This established home improvement business sought our digital marketing expertise in 2021 to help compete within the online market, by increasing its organic traffic and visibility.

The Problem

Despite their exceptional work and product portfolio, The Rooflight Company was struggling to establish its place amongst its home improvement competitors due to a lack of digital expertise and a clear vision of how they would grow online.

With lots of technical errors, an outdated ecommerce offering and a lack of optimisation across the site’s key pages, The Rooflight Company was failing to rank competitively for popular industry search terms and, in turn, was falling behind due to a lack of organic traffic.

The Solution

To ensure The Rooflight Company was in a position to compete within the home improvement market for relevant keywords, and to boost their organic traffic levels, we implemented a rigorous digital marketing strategy. This included a whole host of on-page improvements, technical enhancements (with a particular focus on Core Web Vitals, UX and CRO) and established a clear content marketing strategy that has seen their visibility increase significantly.

From day one our strategy was clear, we needed to build out the right content on The Rooflight Company’s website to turn it into an informational resource for both their homeowner and professional customers, as well as a lead generation source. Our content team worked closely with their team of experts to devise a content marketing plan that would see them surpass competitors for key terms related to their products.

At the same time our SEO team meticulously went through the website page-by-page ensuring optimal use of internal linking, on-page optimisation and revised any pages with high bounce rates or users dropping off the website. We also worked closely with their web developers to implement new product pages that worked harder to deliver the key information and education needed for customers looking to make a purchase.

The strategy was simple but effective and has resulted in explosive growth for this leading home improvement brand.

The Outcome

Significant year-on-year increase in online visibility, organic and direct traffic. We are seeing the number of quote requests increase month-on-month and remain resolute in our focus to continue providing value, educating the customer and being a lead information resource around all things rooflights.

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