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Vet Specialists

1,043% increase in clicks

Vet Specialists have seen transformative growth since joining The Evergreen Agency.

The Problem

Vet Specialists joined The Evergreen Agency in a position where they had built a strong brand, but were looking for greater visibility across the web. They were hoping to increase their search volume and expand their customer reach UK wide but didn’t know how to approach this from a technical perspective and had no clear plan of action.

The Solution

Vet Specialists came on board with The Evergreen Agency in early 2019 and since that point, we have been able to deliver tangible results and increase their overall web visibility. Vet Specialists are now an authority in the vet industry, ranking for hundreds of very targeted keywords. Our team quickly identified a road-map to increased visibility by focusing on the medical conditions and providing expert analysis and comment. This has proven to be incredibly successful.

The Outcome

The results speak for themselves. With our dedicated team of SEO specialists working closely with Vet Specialists on a weekly basis, we can proudly share these awesome statistics and know that we have indeed lived up to our agency’s vision which is to: Transform and grow businesses through great SEO.

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